That Pointless Island Called Poni

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Lillie's POV

"Ash hurry up," I sigh as Bonnie and I wait for him to get ready.

"It's too early," Ash groans. "Why does Mina want us up so early?"

"Maybe your grand trial has to be in the morning?" Bonnie shrugs.

"I thought there was another trial on this island too so it's weird that you're going straight to the grand trial," I think out loud.

"Or I'm just doing so good she thinks it would be too easy," Ash puffs out his chest.

"Calm down there hotshot," Bonnie laughs.

I grab him before almost pushing him off the wooden dock. "Haha that would've worked," I laugh while I hold him right beside it.

"Hmm," Ash smirks.

"Uh-oh," I mutter.

Ash started to fall backwards and he grabbed me so I would go in with him. I try to break loose but I just accept that we're going into the water. It was a short drop but it soaked us nonetheless. "I hate you," I pout as I sit down in the shallower part of the water.

"That sucks," Ash smiles. "I thought you wanted to go on a date."

"I do!" I scream.

"You sounded like it," Bonnie laughs.

"Isn't this cute," Mina smiles at the soaked Ash and I who are still sitting in the water. "But quiet down will you."

"Sorry," Ash and I bow our heads. We look at each other before laughing at our actions.

"Pardon them," Bonnie jokes. "They still have some growing up to do."

"Hey!" Ash and I say in unison again.

"I see," The dirty blonde giggles. "How about you guys come in and dry off?"

We nod and climb back onto the decently sturdy dock. "Here," Mina throws two towels at us as we walk in the houseboat.

I got a pink one while Ash got a green one, I think I know her favourite colours. "I want to know more about you guys before I tell you what the trial is," Mina says as we sit around a small wooden table.

"I'm one flower away from getting into the Flower Ceremony," Bonnie chimes.

"Isn't that next week?" Mina asks confused.

"What?!" Bonnie exclaims.

Ash took out his PokeCom and typed a few things in. "Yep in about 5 days," Ash reads.

"Is there any more festivals?" Bonnie cries.

"Yep," Mina answers. "Here, tomorrow. We always have a festival at this time of the year and we decided to hold the Anthurium festival along with it."

"Awesome," Bonnie smile confidently. "The flower is all mine."

"Mela!" A cheer came from nowhere.

"Hey Meloetta," Ash laughs. "I thought you were going back to the house with Lugia."

"Luuu," A cheer came from outside.

"Let's go see," I suggest.

The legendary was standing on the edge of the dock waiting patiently for us to get out. "What's up Lugia?" Ash asks. Her arm spread out and a small crystal was in her claws. I reached out and she dropped it in my hands.

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