Start of Something New

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Thank You
Thank You
Thank you for all your support, Support=Motivation so to thank you I worked for a majority of the day on this. So much for weekly updates but this is better I guess.

Bonnie's POV
Ash wouldn't leave right? Especially not without Pikachu. Pikachu was looking at me gesturing to take the note from his mouth.

Bonnie if you want to come with me far away from here follow these steps...
1- Don't forget Pikachu

I thought that was obvious.

2- Grab Pidgeot's pokeball and climb out the window ( that pokeball is Pidgeot's if you didn't figure it out)

He really thought I couldn't put 2 and 2 together.

3- Call out Pidgeot and Pikachu will explain the situation( if you didn't forget about him)

It's almost like he's hinting at always forgetting Pikachu.

4- Fly as fast as you can to Professor Oak's lab (Hopefully Pidgeot knows where it is)

I can tell this plan is verrrrry thought out.

5- Hopefully you can find me there. (Please come I don't want to be lonely and Pikachu will shock me for forgetting him)

"How is Ash almost 18 years old?" I said shaking my head. Pikachu just smiled.

"Pika Pi Pikachu?" Pikachu said or asked maybe, I don't know.

"Pikachu...." I kneeled down to his level. "Hop on my shoulder and let's go with Ash to who knows where." I said confidently.

Pikachu hopped on my shoulder and threw his fist into the air. I looked to see Dedenne still sleeping, I don't even question it anymore. I really love electric type Pokemon no matter their habits though. I decided to finally leave, hopefully wherever we go I can call my dad though. Especially in a few days...

Bonnie sighed and let out Pidgeot and climbed on while Pikachu talked and talked and "aaaaahhhh." Pidgeot accelerated so fast it took Bonnie by complete surprise. Pikachu must have got the message across pretty well. The Pokemon duo looked back alarmingly to see Bonnie laughing and smiling now instead. They all had a similar thought though, why are they following Ash's plan?

Dawn's POV

"Piplup?" I said quietly trying to get it's attention. He looked up at me. "Should we have taken Ash's side?"

Piplup just shrugged while sitting in the blunette's lap. Her pink skirt and dark blue tank top sure were comfy though he thought.

"Thanks for your support," I said sarcastically as I went back to look out the window.

I was just sitting alone looking outside at the peaceful countryside. The COMPLETE opposite have this house. Delia was having a minor breakdown while the other girls were fighting about something. Probably some-"Aaaahhhh."

"Piplup did you hear that?" I asked hoping for more than a shrug this time. I actually got a nod this time, so I'm not going crazy and hearing things.

"It was almost like a scream, sounded like it was from someone younger kind of like that blonde haired girl." I concluded," It was really faint though and ——."

Dawn and Piplup were stunned when they noticed outside there was a massive bird Pokemon. She knew what is was, a Pidgeot, it looked so majestic flying through the sky at a really fast speed.

"Wait, is that someone on the back?" I asked to myself because Piplup isn't in a very helpful mood today.

Wow she is asking a lot of questions today Piplup thought. I thought I saw Pikachu too on that scary bird. "Pip, Piplup."

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