So C-C-Cold

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Lillie's POV

"Great, the sun is setting," I sigh. "More cold."

"Aren't you a little happy to not be melting in the sun for once?" Ash asks. "Because I don't mind a little cooler than usual temperature."

"That's what air conditioning is for," I laugh. "Way better than random blizzards."

"Have you ever been to another region?" Ash asks while we walk through the entrance to MeleMele Meadow.

"Never," I answer. "My Mom has always been too busy with work to take us anywhere out of Alola. And because we're so lucky to be wealthy, our everyday life can be a vacation with no travel required."

"There's still so much for you to see out there," Ash states with his serious thinking face. Then he smiles wide, "I guess we're going to have to do a lot of travelling together."

"You're the perfect boyfriend," I smile and bury my head in the crook of his neck.

"I'm not perfect," Ash sweat drops.

"Maybe not," I giggle. "But your perfect for me."

He wraps his arm around me like usual while we enjoy our peaceful walk through the meadow. The yellow, fully blooming flowers cover the Earth like grass. A small bare path extends out a bit into the flower field and a tall cliff cuts off the small meadow.

It's the perfect moment, just Ash and I, along with our Pokémon of course. Walking through a beautiful meadow at sunset and only the sight and each other's company to enjoy. The smell too since the flowers have a nice fragrance that surrounds them.

Suddenly a chilly gust of wind blows through the meadow from the direction of the cliff. Moment ruined much...

"I almost forgot we have to stop some unknown somethings to solve yet another problem," I sigh. "I swear Alola was the most peaceful place in the world before you showed up."

"I've been told I have that kind of effect on wherever I travel," Ash chuckles. "All because of a prophecy that's literally set in stone."

"Prophecy?" I question.

"Something about me being the chosen one I think, whatever that means," Ash shrugs. "The prophecy says, 'The world shall turn to Ash', which is what makes me the chosen one. Everybody thought it meant that the world was going to burn to ashes since a bunch of legendary Pokémon were enraged. It took a giant pink, shell wearing Pokémon to explain it though."

"What?" I giggle.

"Sloking," Ash chuckles. "Just another world-saving day in my life."

"Just one of those days," I giggle. "So you're literally meant to save the world."

"Don't make it a big deal," Ash sweat drops from me basically awing over him.

"It kinda is," I say. "But I'll stop pestering you about it... for now."

"Good," Ash chuckles. "Because we reached the end of the path."

"Nurse Joy said something about the entrance being a hidden passageway in the cliff," I recount.

"There's one right there!" Ash exclaims while pointing at a crack in the rock.

"Ash," I sigh. "Look again."

He raises an eyebrow before turning back towards the cliff in front of us. "Great," He says sarcastically.

The crack Ash pointed out isn't the only one there. About a dozen litter the surface of the rock. Darkness hiding what lies through the entrance. "First one to find the right one...umm.... I will use in the first round of the Alola League!" Ash yells.

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