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Lillie's POV

I watch Ash close his eyes and lean in. It's finally time...

I do the same and I feel our lips connect for the first time. Suddenly I forget about the egg, the storm, and the numbness in my fingers. All that matters is that Ash and I are together.

We separate with bright smiles on our faces but then I feel the rainbow feather in my hair start to rise. It slowly hovers in the air while gently twirling in the not so gentle wind. Light envelopes it before covering us as well.

It's almost like we are in a ball of light, a warm ball of light may I add. The light grows bigger and brighter as it rises higher and higher into the sky...

It meets the cloud and pokes a hole through so it can continue. Nothing happens and the light disappears along with the feather. After about three seconds of nothing, real life restarts and we're back in a blizzard with nowhere to go.

All I do is hold on tightly to Ash while his brain tries to find a way to save the egg and our lives. Reality then remembers who it is dealing with...

"Hoooooooo!" A loud screech comes from the clouds. Suddenly a portion of the clouds disappears as a flaming Pokémon comes streaking through it.

The bird Pokémon, shrouded in golden flames, lands in front of us. I feel instantly warmed up while it states deep into our eyes.

 I feel instantly warmed up while it states deep into our eyes

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"Ho-oh," Ash smiles in amazement.

"Oohhh," He smirks.

"Remember day one," Ash says and seems to have a normal conversation with the legendary bird Pokémon.

"Can you help save our egg?" I interrupt to ask.

It shifts its attention to only me and I look at it nervously. With one push of his stunningly coloured wings, he zips up onto the sky with a bright trail of light following.

And for the first time since this morning, we can see the bright blue sky. Even against Ho-oh's power, the storm isn't close to gone, but there's now a large opening in it. "We need to hurry," Ash says and I nod.

We try to run but running in snow us the equivalent to swimming in mud. Ho-oh swoops down and angles his body so we can get on. Ash gets on first with no second thoughts and I follow after realizing that there couldn't be anything wrong with jumping on a legendary Pokémon.

Ash points to the giant tree and Ho-oh flies effortlessly towards it. I look down at the snow beneath us that's lighting up from the rainbow Pokémon. I can see a wall of snow in the distance that will soon restore the blizzard to this area.

We need to go fast.

I jump off first and climb up into the treehouse quickly. I feel the egg which on first touch is freezing but eventually I feel a little warmth from it. "You're fine now," I hug it tightly into my coat.

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