Here We Go

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Max's POV

Today is going to be the best, the Alola, or officially the "Lanakila" League Tournament starts today. I don't think there's any battles today but I'm sure the opening ceremony will be amazing.

I get out of bed, already dressed because I'm not wasting a second today. I run over to my parent's bed and shake my dad until he wakes up. "Let's go," I say excitedly.

"Ma-" My Mom starts to groan.

"I'll go," My Dad sighs and gets out of bed. "How about you go out in the hall and I'll be right out."

"Okay," I chirp and run out of the room.

The grey carpet and white walls seem to go on forever. Because the hotel floors are so big, the hallways are like a maze so that no space is wasted. We were lucky enough to get a room on the outside so finding it wasn't really a problem. But anyone with a inside room probably had to take some time to get used to the hallways.

I make it to the elevator and look out the wall sized window. We are only on the sixth floor so the clouds still hover above my view. I can see the lift carrying people of all ages up the mountain. Every time the platform gets up it's packed to the max.

People and their Pokémon run off to explore the well planned complex. "See that light down at the bottom," Norman walks up and joins me in front of the window.

"The red one?" I ask. A small flicker of red light can be seen surrounded by a crowd.

"It's the flame of Moltres," My dad states. "The beginning ceremony can't start without it."

"Why aren't they just going up the lift?" I ask. "How is that whole parade going to make it up the path?"

"I'm pretty sure the parade is going to use the lift," My dad says. "Then they'll wait at the top and proceed into the stadium after lunch with the torch carrier behind them."

"I can't wait!" I exclaim.

"Obviously," My dad laughs and leads me into the empty elevator. I press the top floor button and I can feel is moving up the skyscraper.

I run out as soon as the doors open. The spectator area is pretty empty considering it's still early in the morning. A few groups of people are talking amongst theirselves while their participating friends are off training.

"You!" A yell comes from the far corner of the stands. A young blonde girl that I recognize stomps over angrily. She grabs my shirt and holds me against the wall. I feel my glasses fall down a bit after slamming against the wall.

"Wh-" I start.

"Why are you here after betraying Ash!?" She yells right into my face. "You've got real nerves coming back here!"

I try to look at my dad for assistance but he engages in a conversation with Brock. Wait he's noticing this act of physical abuse. Now he's smirking, great, he wants this to be a learning experience.

"What's going on?" The raven haired trainer walks out of the training area. "Oh hey Norman and Max." Ash smiles and walks over.

"Hello?" I say trying to get him to notice the situation.

"I didn't tell you to talk," She says.

"You were questioning me," I argue.

"Bonnie let him go," Ash chuckles. "You forgave Cilan and Brock remember."

"So why does that matter?" She asks. "And why didn't you mention Dawn?"

"Because Max was one of the ones to be threatened and promised," Norman sighs. "By my daughter."

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