A Bright, Sunny, Not-Cloudy, Beautiful, Etc Day

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Lillie's POV

"We did it!" Ash cheers as Lucario dances around with him. The rare white Lucario never lost his playful personality like I thought.

"Good job," Pidgeot I thank and return the flying type.

"You're making me look bad," Ash chuckles and grabs my hand as we walk towards the normal type space.

"Try harder then," I giggle and stick my tongue out playfully.

"Congratulations guys," Lana smiles when they get to the platform as well.

"Thanks," We say in unison.

"We only had a chance because of the poison," Ilima sighs. "You guys are really something."

"Do we need to prove that we won with something?" Ash asks.

"Here you go," Lana hands Ash a blue and white piece of paper. It had some weird detail but probably just for show.

"Really?" Ash says while examining the slip of paper.

Ilima laughs at his reaction. "Good luck on your next battle guys," He says. We nod and start crawling up after a quick wave and goodbye.

Ash and I made our way back through Hau'oli City and back to the pier. Our same boat was waiting and we quickly made our way onboard. The sky was still cloudy but calmer than earlier today.

"We should get to Akala right before dinner," The captain announces from up above.

"Okay," I reply before heading below deck.

Ash was spread out across his bed. The white sheets were already wrinkled because of him. I head over to mine and let out Snowy and Umbreon. The latter went right to the sleeping Pikachu to join him while Vulpix cuddles up in my lap.

Ash and I can talk forever about almost anything. I didn't even realize an hour went by already. I wonder what it would be like to travel around the world. I've barely been away from home, let alone Alola.

The boat shifted unexpectedly before getting rocked hard by something. We ran upstairs to see that a complete weather change happened. Apparently the storm didn't go away and is now in full force. Waves crashed into our boat as water splashed up onto the deck repeatedly. Most of the waves had the white edge to show that they're pretty high.

"What happened?" I ask the captain when we get to the top part of the ship.

"Slowly formed outside of Alola and then moved in," The captain explains the stength of the storm.

Another big wave topped the deck and pushed the boat over a good amount. I feel two arms wrap around me, Ash must have noticed that I was shivering pretty bad. I give him a thankful smile as the boat continued to sway.

"It'll be okay," Ash whispers into my ear.

"I don't know about that," The captain sighs. Not something I wanted to hear right now. "Look."

A wave that looked taller than this ship was on a direct course for our left side. "I wish we had Greninja and Tapu Fini here to help," Ash grits his teeth as the wave kept approaching.

I could feel tears going down my face as I buried my head into Ash's shoulders. "Never give up 'til the end," He whispers and puts his hand in his pocket. For some reason the feather on my head is glowing really bright again...

"Wailord help us out!" Ash yells and the massive whale Pokémon appeared in the raging ocean. He took a quick look sideways and realizes the situation.

"If the wave is weakened then the front of the boat should be able to get through if we turn into it right," I state.

"Wailord try to power through that wave!" Ash yells over the collection of sounds.

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