It Has Begun

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Ash's POV

"Gary take out the left three, Lillie you get the right three and I'll take the middle four," I say and they nod. Gary ran off with his Nidoking and Nidoqueen while Lillie had Meloetta and Pikachu.

The grunts released Salandit and Drowzee with the odd Golbat. "Greninja Water shuriken on the Salandits," I command. The frog released the small water stars and with stunning accuracy knocked each one out. "Well that was quick," I laugh.

"We still have our Drowzee and Golbat," one of the grunts argue.

"I'm not scared off obviously the weakest line of defense," I smirk. They grew worried and were visibly shaking.

"Drowzee confusion on the mutant frog," three of the grunts yelled.

I smirked and watched them try to use a psychic type move an a dark type. "What?!"

"Read a book," I sigh. Even though I don't think I ever have. "Infernape flamethrower," He shot the line of flames straight at the Drowzee and knocked them out. Hopefully the farther we go the harder they get.

I look over to see Lillie and Gary finishing up as well. "You only have a Golbat left," I observed. "You can leave now or let it get hurt." The grunt that owned the Golbat didn't budge. "Ok then Greninja night slash." It almost was like a Greninja teleported there by the speed he moved at. With one swipe Golbat was out and the grunts were defeated.

"That was hard," I said sarcastically as Lillie and Gary joined me in the middle. They laughed and we climbed over the hedge to the next part.

"Hopefully these guys are more of a challenge," Gary joked as we approached the group of six grunts.

"Meloetta was awesome," Lillie said as Meloetta dances around us enjoying the action. We laugh at the Pokémon's actions but we knew it wasn't going to stay easy.

Lillie's POV

I run towards the two grunts on right and get ready to fight. "Meloetta you focus on the Raticate. Pikachu you get the Mareanie."

"Meloetta finish him quick with close combat," I command. Meloetta smiled and gracefully punched the Raticate multiple times.

Raticate wasn't conscious for long as Meloetta danced in between the hits. I couldn't help but giggle at her antics. "Marenie use spike cannon on all of them," One of the grunts yelled.

"Pikachu beat him to the chase with a thunderbolt,"? I commanded. Pikachu charged and released the thunderbolt before Mareanie finished charging his spike cannon.

"We won," I cheered and went over to the two grunts.

"We're sorry," they said as I approached. I kicked where the sun doesn't shine and walked away.

"Let's move in towards that mansion," Ash suggests but then Plumeria walked out of the house.

"Ketchum you versus me," The girl came out and ordered.

I tried to protest but Ash agreed first. "3 on 3?" Plumeria nodded and Gary and I moved to the side.

"Fearow I choose you," Ash releases a large orange bird. "Ready for your debut?" He nodded and took the air circling around the Alolan Muk Plumeria released.

"Muk use sludge bomb," Plumeria ordered the multi coloured pile of goo.

"Fearow blow it right back with hurricane," Ash yelled. The purple sludge went firing up but Fearow flapped his wings hard enough to send it right back. "Now get in there with drill peck."

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