Let the Games Begin

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Ash's POV

"Did you find your spot?" I ask Lillie.

"Yep but I'm not in your stadium," She frowned. "But I found out my Pokémon."

"Who is it?" I ask impatiently. "Is it Greninja?"

"Nope," She laughs. "I got Umbreon."

"Cool and your crazy friendship with her should help," I say as we walk towards the Bulu stadium.

"And I can bring up Pikachu if she needs some more motivation," She laughs and I join in.

"Ash I need your help," A relatively young girl with turquoise hair said and came over. "Your Pikachu won't get in his ball."

"I've never got him in his pokeball since I got him 9 years ago," I chuckle.

"Why would you give me his ball then?" She questioned.

"One of my Pokémon installed tracking devices and help buttons on them just in case," I explain as I point out two small additions to the red and white ball.

"Ohh, that makes sense," She laughs. "Thanks." And then she ran off towards Fini stadium.

"Have you seen any of the matchups?" Lillie asks me as we stop outside the green decorated stadium.

"Nope I want the first round to be a surprise," I say.

"Okay I'll see you after I win," Lillie smiles and runs off towards the waiting room. Her beautiful blonde hair was flying behind her. So...

"Mela," I felt a finger hit my cheek.

"Sorry I must have spaced out," I laugh. She narrows her eyes but shrugged it off. What's happening to me?

Paul's POV

"The first battle of today will be between Ian and Gliscor and George and Lapras," I say unenthusiastically. Moon presses the mute and I can feel a lecture coming.

"You better get into this or bad things will come your way," Moon threatened.

"Fine," I pout and unmute the mic. "The ground and flying type Gliscor is at a huge disadvantage against Lapras."

"Way to state the obvious," Moon whispered while laughing.

"But if Ash has taught me anything, is that his Pokemon are better without a type advantage," I say. This could actually be fun but I'm not going to tell Moon that.

"Ian commands a giga impact right off the bat," I announce. Gliscor flew backwards and used the wind to fly at Lapras. "Lapras uses ice beam perfectly as a shield. With strategies like that, George can go a long way."

"You're not supposed to pick favourites," Moon scorned quietly as the two Pokémon exchanged close range attacks.

"I tell it how it is," I whisper back smiling. She rolled her eyes and I focused back on the battle.

Kukui's POV

"Things aren't looking good for Talonflame," I announce. "That thunderfang from Houndoom really did some damage."

"Talonflame try a brave bird," Henry yelled. The fire type bird swooped down shrouded in blue energy.

"Defend with dark pulse," Nartin screamed.

"That didn't look good for either of them," I say as we all wait for the dust to settle. "The dark type attack might not have got out in time."

On the battlefield Talonflame was laying down unable to battle. I grab the portable microphone and make my way down to the ground level.

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