Attempt Number Two

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Bonnie's POV

"Good morning Mom," I greeted Lillie as I walked into the kitchen.

"Bonnie," Lillie blushed. "Why are you calling me that?" Lillie pouted.

"Because you and Ash are like my parents in Alola," I said innocently. "And since you two love each other it fits even more."

"Whatever," Lillie muttered and handed me breakfast.

"Thanks Mom," I said giggling.

"Hey guys," Ash said as he walked in. I could see Lillie trying to hide a blush. "Thanks Lillie." Lillie tried to respond but resorted to a nod.

"I wonder what the first round will be," I thought out loud.

"It could be related to Hala in some way," Ash said finishing his breakfast.

Lillie must've got herself together by now, "Maybe it will be something with dancing because Hala likes to dance."

"Dancing is so boring though," Ash complained.

"What if you were dancing with Lillie?" I asked smiling devilishly. Both went bright red and looked at each other before turning away.

"You guys should go get your Pokémon so we can leave," Lillie said trying to change the subject.

"Yep," Ash said and left rather quickly.

Lillie glared at me, "I think your getting worse with your teasing."

"I think she's getting better," I turn around and see Moon casually sitting on the couch.

"Ahh Moon," Lillie put her hand to her heart. "Why can't you just show up like a normal person?"

"Because I'm special," Moon replies while coming over to us. "So I See Zorua likes you as much as you love Ash."

"No!" Lillie said quickly but noticed Zoruas sad face. "Okay fine."

"Hehehe," Zorua laughed at her. Lillie just got played.

"So when's the wedding?" Moon asked laughing.

"Ugh," Lillie rolled her eyes and went out to the back field.

"Looks like she couldn't stand any longer without Ash," I laughed. Moon hi-fived me.

Time Skip

Lillie's POV

"So who did you bring with you?" I asked Ash as we walked towards Iki town. Zorua and Pikachu gave a cheer to announce that they were picked.

"Thanks Pikachu and Zorua," Moon laughed, "Now I know I'm not seeing things."

Ash laughed, his laugh is so perfect... Love is making me think all these weird things. Wait it's a crush not love, right?

"I have Greninja, Litten, Bagon and Pikipek with me," I heard Ash say as I snap back into reality.

"The famous Greninja," Moon said looking at Ash.

"The famous Greninja that lost to Tapu Fini," Squishy laughed.

"Oh that reminds me," Bonnie said. "We have a new ship to get together."

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