Orchid Festival

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Lillie's POV

"Welcome to the Orchid Festival!" A cheerful women announced as she walked out onto the makeshift stage. "I'm Sarah and a big thanks to the owners of the berry fields for letting us set up here."

The crowd cheered all around us. I'm surprised they got so many bleachers in the area. All eyes focused back on the cheerful red head. "We will be starting today's event with a berry scavenger hunt. Contestants come on out."

I noticed Bonnie with a confident smile and Star on her shoulder. I hope all the work her and Ash did this morning will help. "Each contestant has 3 berriess to find and gets 1 Pokemon to help them."

Sarah handed out the lists, "On the count of three!"

Bonnie's POV

"Ready for this Star?" I asked my little Pichu.


"Pi," It said serious but still smiling.


I focus on Sarah ready to go.


Probably should've looked at my list before....


My instincts kick in and I run towards the berry farm. There were small bushes and big trees. "Let's see, we need a berry that is blue, a Sitrus berry and a sour berry."

Star came on my shoulder and pointed to the picture of the Sitrus berry. "Do you want to find that first then?" She nodded.

I'm pretty sure Sitrus berries grow on short bushes. "Look. Over there Pichu." I pointed out to a row of berry bushes.
"I'm pretty sure those are Sitrus berries."

Pichu ran over and picked a few. "Pichu." It cheered while handing me a few Sitrus berries.

"We should try to find a berry that is blue now." I suggested. We walked around in between trees and bushes until we saw a huge tree.

"Pichu," Star said happily running towards the tree. I watch her disappear into the leaves. The berries were blue and round like an Oran berry. Wait a minute, they probably are Oran berries. I sigh but then I near Star scream and come running down the tree.

I look up and see 2 Beedrill flying behind Star. She looked terrified and kept looking back at the approaching stingers. What would Ash do?

"Pichu turn around and try a Thundershock," I yelled out. I could see some hesitation but she carried out the attack.

Pichu let out as much electricity as she could. I guess Star can't control her electricity. I noticed the Beedril stop moving and fly away.

"Good job," I praised and ran up to pick her up. "How did you keep the berry in your mouth?" I asked as I took it from her mouth. She shrugged and climbed back down.

Our last thing is the sour berry. "Looks like we're going to have to eat berries until we find a sour one." I said.

We end up running around eating as many berries as we can. We tried berries of all different colours, shapes and sizes but none of them were sour. "Pi chi Pi," Star said pointing to a red spiky berry in her hand.

Isn't that a, "Don't eat that Star!" I was too late.

Star's face went bright red and she began running around. I quickly grabbed the closest berry to me and gave it to her. It worked and she calmed down and laid in the grass.

I joined her with my bag beside me. "We've tried every berry here Star," I start to tear up.

"Pi," she said sadly.

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