A Date?

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Ash's POV

"I can't wait to charge up Mount HokuLani and beat the trial," I announce as Lillie and I finish getting ready. It was kind of weird sleeping in a different bed than her for the first time in awhile. It's like I was missing something.

"Ash we could stay for awhile and look around Malie City," Lillie suggested.

"But..." I respond.

"Have you ever been on a date?" She asked while hiding her face for some reason.

"Isn't that the thing where two people hang around for a day?" I ask.

"It's a little bit more than that," She sighs. "It's how two people show that they like like each other and like spending time with them." She's talking about what Bonnie explained to me.

"Well I've never been on one so I wouldn't really know what to do," I explain.

"Me neither," Lillie said and then she smiled. "How about we go on a practice one?"

"Sure," I smile. It seemed to make her really happy because she grabbed her bag ready to go. "And I like spending time with you so it'll be perfect."

Her face went bright red but Bonnie told me it doesn't mean their sick. "Do whatever you want today," Lillie told our Pokémon and then she grabbed my hand and we walked outside the Pokémon Center. "People hold hands on dates."

I smile and grab hers tighter. I have a good feeling about today.

Lillie's POV

I can't believe he agreed to do this! It kind of makes me feel better about keeping my love for him secret until the right time. "Where should we go first?" I ask.

"I don't know," Ash said while looking around. "We should go see where that gate leads to. Only if you want to."

"I would love to," I giggle and we walk slowly over to it. "It's beautiful," I awe over the garden we just wandered into. There were yellow and red flowers blossoming to their maximum. There were golden bridges that cross a sparkling blue lake.

"I think I'm good at this whole finding good spots for dates," he praised himself. I roll my eyes as we walk through.

"We should go check out that restaurant for breakfast," I exclaimed and lead us towards an old Johto style building.

"The Tea House," Ash read the sign as we walked in.

"Aren't you guys a lovely couple," An elderly woman greeted us as we walked in. Ash tried to protest but I glared at him. Don't ruin my real-life fantasy.

"Thank you," I smiled. "May we have a table for two?"

"Of course," The woman said. "Right this way." She led us to a rooftop patio that only had a few tables. We could see the ocean sparkling from the rising sun.

"I'll get you guys the special," She said and left towards the kitchen.

"It's beautiful up here," I sigh. "Can we just stay here all day?"

"If you want to bore me out of my mind," He joked.

"Fine," I huff and then giggle.

"The look looks like Zygarde," Ash pointed at the oddly formed lake.

"Maybe it was made to be like that," I shrug. "Hey Ash?"


"Thanks for doing this ," I say shyly. I hide my blush with my hair just in case he knows what a blush is.

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