Just Another Festival......

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Bonnie's POV

"I'm on a 3 festival win streak," I said confidently. "I can't lose."

"Don't get too confident Bonnie," Lillie warned. "Every festival is different."

"Well I should get backstage," I insist and split from the group.

"Bonnie wait up," I heard Moon yell with Pikachu in her arms. "We need to have a shipping meeting."

I nod and we found a few boxes to sit on. "First let's start with Ash and Lillie." Moon says.

"Big news," I start. "Lillie basically told everyone she loves Ash."

"Except for him of course," Moon sighs.

"Yes but they are getting closer," I state. "What about you and Paul?"

"We're dating," She announced giddily. "I told him it'll come out in front of everybody if he didn't ask soon."

"Ash told me Paul was so secluded," I laugh.

"I'm his soft spot," She giggles.

"He sounds like a nice person to tease," I smirk. "Anyways I found out recently that Gladion is Lillie's brother and mine. Which means Lillie and I are sisters."

"Seriously?" Moon asked.

"Yep," I smile. "Our parents were in different regions because of work but now were all together."

"Until Ash joins it," Moon laughs.

"True." I agree. "But we need to find a ship for Gladion because my old one was such a lost cause."

"Okay hopefully he brings a girl home one day," Moon jokes.

"That would make it a lot easier," I laugh. "Is that all?"

"For now," Moon declares and stood up. "I'm going to convince Paul to visit soon." And with that she left to go call her boyfriend. I can't wait to see them with each other.

"Competitors go out for the challenge," The organizer yelled. I step out onto the stage and I didn't recognize any of the competitors there.

"Your goal is to find one of the hidden four Dittos around town," Sarah announced. "Go!"

Well that escalated quickly. I ran off with Jolteon not really in any particular direction. "Where would a Ditto be hiding?" I ask out loud.

"Jolt," Jolteon said as we approached this weird guy standing on the curb. He was holding weird green plants in a box and looked like he was trying to sell them.

"Maybe somewhere else," I suggest and we run the other direction. We followed the outskirts of the town until we saw the bright blue police station. "Maybe they've seen something."

"Hello," I greet as I walk in. There was only one guy and he was sitting at the front desk. "Hello? Jolteon give him a shock.

"Ahhh," The policeman screamed.

"I am so sorry," I apologize.

"It's okay," He sighed. "I must have zoned out. Ever since my partner left on a trip I was left with the guy back there that doesn't say anything."

I now notice another officer who was staring blankly at a computer screen. "Jolteon shock that officer there."

"Wait why?" The officer shouted but the shock went past him and electrocuted the other officer. He didn't react but then glowed white. "I'm so confused."

"We found a Ditto," I cheered. I run over and grab the purple slime Pokémon. "Let's go."

We run off leaving a confused slightly fried officer. "And our first Ditto has been found," Sarah announced as I handed her the transform Pokémon.

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