A Blush...

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Lillie's POV

"I think it's kind of nice Bonnie wanted to stay home," I say as we walk towards Maile City.

"It'll be a good thing for Lusamine too," Ash states. "Team Rhythm seems like an even bigger deal now."

"Yes but you'll stop them anyways," I laughed.

"So will you," He smiles. I love that smile. So comforting, so loving, so-

"Mella," I snap out of my thoughts and Meloetta was laying on the ground while holding her head in pain.

"It's okay," Ash tried to calm her down but it wasn't working. "Greninja come on out. Use a Water shuriken to cool down her head." The frog came out and formed one of the small water type attacks.

"Hopefully it's just a bad headache," I say as look around for something that can help.

"It's not," A familiar guy boomed. He came into the open and standing there was Beat from Team Rhythm.

He was holding a device that was pointed at Meloetta. Behind him were Jessie and James who were handcuffed and tied to a tree. "This device gives Meloetta a pulsing migraine that restricts her from functioning." He smiled.

"Let her go," Ash yelled at the bigger guy.

"How about a deal?" He smirks. I don't like the sound of this. "You hand me her pokeball and I let these two idiots go."

"No!" I screamed at him.

"Hey help us out," The two say.

"Sorry but Meloetta is more important than you two," Ash gives them the harsh truth. If this wasn't so serious I definitely would have laughed.

"He has a point," James sighed.

"Well I'll just have to up the frequency waves," Beat evilly laughed.

Tapu Fini's POV

"Heeeeellllllllllllppppp," I hear a Pokémon scream in agony as we fly over Ula'Ula.

"Hang on Larvitar," I warm and I dove toward the help call. "Ash!?"

Wait it looks like they're dealing with some bad guy. He might be holding those two tied up people hostage. I silently glide down and un-cuff them. They nodded in thanks and they crept up to the bad guy.

"Beat don't make me use Greninja on you," Ash warned. Greninja! I blushed but kept moving around until I was behind Ash.

"Hello," I screamed and gave up my hiding spot. It would have been a lot cooler if they knew I said hello but the distraction worked.

The two people grabbed the device from Beat and the admittedly beautiful Pokémon stopped crying in pain. "Greninja knock him down with aerial ace."

Before Beat could react he was down and was slowly getting surrounded by all of us. "Looks like you beat me," He sighed. "See ya!" He screamed and used his jet pack to fly into the air.

I wanted to go after him but I also wanted to talk to Greninja. Greninja wins. "Larvitar?" Ash questions the appearance of the green ground type.

"Tar Larvi tar," He jumped up in joy into Ash's arms.

"Why aren't you with your mom?" He asked the rock skin Pokémon. Larvitar looked down sadly and started crying. She died. I can't believe I used a mourning Pokémon to get closer to Greninja.

"How about you join us?" Lillie suggested while bringing out a pokeball. Larvitar looked at her confused.

"Both of us," Ash cleared up. Do they share all their Pokémon? That's relationship goals right there.

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