Planned or Prepared

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Ash's POV

"Yo yo yo," A loud noise comes through the door.

Lillie and I both wake up and she points at me to go open the door. I sigh and manage to stumble my way to the door. I open it with my eyes half asleep but the large figure in front of me jolts me awake. "Guzma?!" I exclaim.

He crosses his arms and I notice that he still has his spiky white hair. "Good morning champ," He smirks. "Ready to get this show on the road?"

"What do you mean?" I ask while my brain tries to get up to speed.

"We got our numbers," Gladion walks up. "Team Skull is now part of our squad."

"Ex-Team Skull," Lillie reminds him and joins the conversation.

"Actually Miss Ketchum," Guzma smirks. "We may have been the bad guys at one point but we still went through some hardships together. So we're all still a team, a family, so Team Skull is going nowhere."

"Alright then," Lillie giggles.

"That was cute Guzma," The tall and skinny admin walks up with her long multi coloured hair following.

"Plumeria," Guzma smiles. "So you did decide to join us."

"You really thought I'd miss out on some action," She winks. "Plus I figured you guys could use another leader."

"Awesome," Ash smiles.

"We should get this started as soon as possible," Gladion suggests. "The longer we wait, the longer this fight is going to go."

"Let's all meet up in ten minutes," Lillie says and everyone agrees.

Lillie and I quickly get changed and ready to go. We pack our bags with basic medical supplies, high energy snacks, water, and the Pokémon transporter Meowth invented. We head out to the training area and everybody else is waiting...

We run Guzma and Plumeria through the plan we cans up with yesterday. "I think Meowth should go back to the base at our house," Lillie states. "That way we can quickly send Pokémon there to get healed by Audino who isn't really a battler in the first place."

"I could also monitor the area that way," Meowth nods his head.

"What if we sent Latias with him," I suggest. "That way, say one of our strongest Pokémon get injured, we send them back to get healed and then Latias can bring them back quickly to get right back into it."

"We could have essentially an endless amount of Pokémon that way," Gladion nods. "And because of her speed, she can easily start fighting if needed."

"Lati," The legendary Pokémon coos and talks to Meowth and Audino briefly. They climb on and we wave them off into the sky.

"Next is groups," Gary states. "The bigger they better I think."

"Trumbeak and Fearow are scouting right now to see how many outposts they see," I state. "They should blend in with the wild Pokémon the best so it should be easy for them."

"Remember that we have six legendaries even with Latias busy, plus Baby Fini and Gladion's Silvally," Dawn states.

"I don't think Baby Fini should be involved," Lillie looks at Tapu Fini who sighs in relief. "So what if Tapu Fini, Suicune, and Lugia stay here as backup. They're also the most recognizable so Meloetta, Blobby, and Squishy would be able to stay under the radar better."

"Hooo!" A loud screech comes from above.

We look up through the glass ceiling to see a bright golden figure that I know is Ho-oh. I lock eyes with it before it flies up towards the sun. Everyone looks down to try and get the glare out of their eyes from the previous brightness.

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