The Twist

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Lillie's POV

"Twist?" I question. "Didn't see that coming."

"That's why it's a twist," Ash jokes, earning himself a shove from myself.

"Competitors must use the same Pokémon as the first," Sarah announces. "Anyone can practice one perfect routine so we want to see how well they can think of, command and perform a fresh appeal."

"Nothing crazy," Ajat says.

"But that's not all," The always energetic announcer smirks. "This round of appeals is going to have a Kalos spin."

"Competitors must perform with their Pokémon!"

"You were saying Ajat?" Kyred chuckles.

"That this round is going to be really hard," He sighs.

"Bonnie has a pretty good advantage now," Ash states. "We've watched our fair share of Pokémon showcases."

"So they have to come up with something on the spot and perform like they never have before!" Moon exclaims.

"I don't know if even I could pull of a really good appeal here," Dawn adds. "I wonder if the judges won't be as strict on perfection here."

"We will see how well a Pokémon and their trainer can perform together with the help of their connection," Sarah states. "Let's not waste anytime, Roberto you're up."

The usually confident boy seems to be shaking a bit. "He's nervous," Paul states. "I think the judges noticed too."

His Decidueye flies out on stage and lands beside his trainer. Roberto still hasn't started... Someone had to go first and sadly the disadvantage is going to take out one of the front runners in the competition.

"Use leaf storm under me!" Roberto starts his appeal.

The owl Pokémon tilts his head confused but proceeds anyways. The gust of leaves heads towards his trainer but instead of lifting, it pushed Roberto away.

"Ominous wind to bring me back!"

The purplish wind saves Roberto by coming from the opposite direction. It merges with the weakening leaf storm, creating a dark forest effect. The attacks end and the appeal is now back to square one.

"I'm out of ideas," Roberto admits.

Decidueye and himself sigh as they wait for the judges scores.

"Your appeal was an example of how tough the twists really are," Lusamine says. "You tried your best but your luck wasn't good today, 4."

"Tough, 3," Kahili says quickly.

"Competitors have to be prepared for anything," Lorelei states. "You weren't, 1."

"Wow," I say as he exits through the back curtain.

The tables have turned and I don't know if they'll ever stop...

Norman's POV

"Dad where are we going?" Max asks as we navigate our way around the mountain summit town. "And why aren't May and mom coming with us?"

"I asked your mom to keep her busy and distracted until tonight," I clarify. "Thank Arceus there's so many stores."

"One could have kept May busy all day," Max jokes.

I sigh, "Anyways I wanted to look for people who might know anything about Ash."

"Why? I thought you already seen him since the, we, umm," Max's face reddens.

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