A Battle of Strategy

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Ash's POV

Chants of my name get cheered. Most of the crowd is on their feet, clapping and whistling. I haven't got a cheer like this in a long time. Pikachu and I have stood like this in many stadiums, battlefields and any other place we find ourself battling.

But this time it's even more special. This is my comeback battle and I'm not going to lose.

The referee runs over to me and hands me a microphone.

"Welcome to our-um exhibition battle!" I announce. "Thanks for coming and I hope you enjoy the hopefully exciting battle between Paul and I."

"We have decided to let one of you pick our battle format for tonight's battle!" I cheer. "Whoever catches this frisbee will get to choose any type of format they want to see."

I hand the circular, red disk to Latias. She grabs it with her mouth but it is taken out by an invisible Pokémon. "Meloetta," I sigh.

The melody Pokémon comes out of her invisibility ability with a big smile on her face. She dances around on Latias who smiles at her friend's antics. Meloetta flips while throwing the frisbee up in the air a bit. She completes the flip and kicks the piece of plastic perfectly.

It shoots up far into the crowd. The frisbee curls with the spin put on and a small group of people stand up to try and catch it. One of them seems kind of familiar though...

Max's POV

"He   actually   has   legendaries," I say in disbelief.

"Ash has been getting around," My dad comments. "Looks like betraying Ash worked out for him."

I wonder if he has anymore...

"I knew he was special," My mom says. "But it's amazing that he has two legendary Pokémon."

"The Meloetta can kick a frisbee really far, even with her thin legs," I say as the disk flies out and starts to curl towards us.

I might be able to catch it. I stand up and reach out towards the incoming frisbee. I jump up and close my arms...

The spin rate on the frisbee was so much that it curled even farther across me. I miss it and a boy a few seats down catches it at his chest. The crowd cheers and he stands up as an official comes up with a microphone.

"What is your name sir?" A bright orange dressed official asks.

"Jason but people call me toxic," The teenager answers.

"We have a question for you as well. What's your favourite Pokémon move?" He asks.

"Isn't it obvious?" Toxic laughs. "Gyro ball."

"Sorry I should've been able to guess that," The announcer sweat drops. "What battle format would you like to see tonight?

The crowd is silent as we all wait for an answer. We wait, and wait and...

"Hurry up!" A man jumps up and yells.

"Three on three," Toxic answers. "A standard battle to see who's better."

"There you go folks," The official announces. "This battle will be decided by three Pokémon from each side. Let's get rolling!"

"I wish he said six on six," I pout.

"I'm sure this battle is going to be exciting nonetheless," Norman states. "You rewatched their Sinnoh battle millions of times."

"True but I think they should come out of shock soon so they won't miss the battle," I motion towards the others.

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