New Journey, New Home

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Bonnie's POV

"Someone turn off the sun please," I moaned not wanting to get up.

"You don't even want it on for your birthday," I heard someone laugh.

"It's my birthday!" I screamed and jumped out of bed. "Let's go to the lab like you said.

"Bonnie you might want to change first." I heard Ash say.

"That didn't stop you did it," I wasn't the only one laughing now. Pikachu could barely breathe from how hard he was laughing.

"Touché." He replied and ran up to me.

We made our way to the lab, I was still in my tyrantrum pjs but I didn't care.
I got there first and started knocking fast.

The door opened and Lillie let me in. "Professor did you forget to put on a shirt?" I asked him.

"No but did you forget to change?" He replied laughing a little.

"I was too excited," I said a little embarrassed. Ash and Lillie finally made it back to the more classic lab room. "What took you so long?" I smirked.

He must've been expecting it though, "I had to ask Lillie something."

"And that was?" I tried to get more information.

"I'll tell you later," Lillie told me.

"So Bonnie I got your starter Pokémon with Lillie's help yesterday," Ash stated. "Cmon out Eevee."

I saw the cutest Pokémon come out and jump in my arms.

"I also got Dedenne's pokeball from your dad so you can register him as yours." Ash added.

It is way cuter than Serena's was. "Ready to join our team Eevee." It gave a cute squeal and I took the pokeball from Kukui.

"Here's your Pokédex Bonnie," I grabbed it and it flew up in the air. "It's called a Rotom Dex. It can fly with you and an actual Rotom controls it."

"Hi Bonnie, letz me registerz Dedenne and Eevee to yourz account." Rotom buzzed. It scanned the Pokeballs and then dinged.

"Thanks so much Professor," I thanked.

"Actually I have one more present for you." This birthday is awesome. "Here's a lightening ball. It should increase the chance of catching an electric type Pokémon."

I took the new pokeball in my hand. It had a black top with a yellow bolt through it. It still had the while bottom though.

"Now it's my turn," Lillie stepped up to me. "Here is a small handbook on every electric type Pokémon known and how to get them," I usually don't like books but this one seems good. "Also I got you this gym bag so you can carry more stuff with you."

I took the yellow bag and put it on my back. "I love it Lillie, thank you."

"I have one more surprise Bonnie but we need to go for a walk." Ash said smiling. What is he up to?

We were walking along a path and then Ash turned and walked up to a big white house. "This will be our new home Bonnie." Ash announced.

"And I'm going to stay with you guys." Lillie said and walked in with Ash.

"You guys are really moving fast," The Professor teased. I giggled at their reactions.

"Zor Zorua," I looked down and noticed a small black fox rubbing against Lillie and Ash's legs.

"Is it time for me to catch you?" Ash asked. It nodded and Ash brought out a pokeball and lightly tapped her head.

"I'll leave you three to get settled in," The Professor said and left.

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