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Ash's Alternate Journey: Kanto Indigo League by AShroom9
Ash's Alternate Journey: Kanto AShroom9
There is alot of alternate universes of Ash even Smarter Ash AUs. This time this Ash does not want to become Pokemon Master (or lacks of the motivation to become one) in...
Ash's Journeys: Kanto by Y33TB0Y
Ash's Journeys: Kantoby YEETBOY
Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN POKEMON SADNESS Follow Ash's journey through Kanto with his friends. He will be smarter, colder, and basically way more badass. Pairings: AshxLe...
Hard To Get (An Amourshipping Story) by SloxTheDlox
Hard To Get (An Amourshipping Sloxy
A new teenage boy, age 16 to be precise, has just arrived in Kalos under orders from the Kanto Protection Association and is attending the Lumiose High School. This new...
The abandoned Eevee (Completed) by Greninjago
The abandoned Eevee (Completed)by Ash-Greninja Playzgamesforfun
*Disclaimer* I don't own anything. Credits goes to the owners. After Eevee got abandoned by her original trainner because, she wasn't strong enough. She walked a over Ka...
Ash of Aura by AnimePokemonWorld
Ash of Auraby ꧁☪匚卂尺ᗪ匚卂卩ㄒㄖ尺 卩ㄖҜ乇爪乇ㄖ山☪꧂
Ash and Gou are headed to Rota for the festival. However, Gou has no idea what Ash knows about the place. Now what is in store for our heroes? (If it's not obvious yet...
Just a bunch of one shots, imagines, slight smuts, fluffs, and just a bunch of imagines with ashtray form euphoria. Enjoy😉
The Mysterious Boy [An Ash / Pokemon Story] by Jayvaughn123
The Mysterious Boy [An Ash / Pikaaaa
Thanks again to @MinunAmour for the awesome cover! I really appreciate this! You're really the best! A certain boy in a certain school was known as the 'mysterious train...
A True Hero And Champion ( Aureliashipping )  by GeekyAJ
A True Hero And Champion ( AJ
= What if when ash lost the kalos league, he's friends decided to turn their backs on him because they were really believing that he'd finally win, what if they lost the...
Pokémon my regret us a champion  by YunoWolford
Pokémon my regret us a champion by Yuno Wolford
This story as all about ash after his victory against Leon and became the pokémon master but he regrets not to understand the feelings love and was to late and his pass...
Oooooh! Shiny by SlytherinSnapeDraco
Oooooh! Shinyby SlytherinLover
Disclaimer this story is not mines I thought about how not many people know about Fanfiction.Net and the cool stories that are on there so I thought it would be a good i...
Master Of Legends (On Hold) by AuraMaster01
Master Of Legends (On Hold)by Amour4Life
Ash grew up reading the stories of the Legendary Pokemon and became enamored by them. Before his journey began he realized that in order to be the best Pokemon Master he...
Pokemon Sun and Moon (Ash X Oc X Gladion) by starlight_force365
Pokemon Sun and Moon (Ash X Oc X Nina Liu
Nina and Gladion were childhood friends until an Ultra Beast came into her world and took her away to its world, Ultra Space. She had been there for six years with her v...
Going Back To Time by Yatengami_Skullz_21
Going Back To Timeby 『ĐØ₥ł₦₳₮łØ₦』
Ash never believe at first but he was in love with Cynthia Shirona,The girl who is very rude to everyone and he disappeared because he wants to be alone Celebi,Dialga an...
Life as a Trainer {Completed}  by PokemonIsLife319
Life as a Trainer {Completed} by Jherico De Torres
A story where there is a boy named Ash Ketchum that one day he will acquire a power, a power that can rival even a god. His power will outmatched every Pokèmon trainer i...
Rise from the Ashes by NobleToWin
Rise from the Ashesby Lee
Made this book because I am a salty, salty boi. I mean... WTF HOW DID GOH GET A LEGENDARY IN 1 SEASON WHILE ASH FINALLY GOT ONE AFTER 22! Ahem... So I made this where it...
Stronger by Pikachu80219
Strongerby Pikachu80219
Ash's friends and family have betrayed him and now he is the champion of the Kalos region, now know to be one of the strongest leagues there is. With the Kalos league...
I Got Reborn as a Riolu! by War_god129
I Got Reborn as a Riolu!by War_god129
A boy named Jack has had a very nice life but is always feeling like he is missing something Today he finds what he's missing and then some "Where am I?" ____...
Ashley mew Ketchum by ekmazz2007
Ashley mew Ketchumby sakurakushinamito
a girl who want to become a top coordinator and Pokémon master read more to find out
Alola Ashy Boy! by ShipsForDays666
Alola Ashy Boy!by ShipsForDays666
There are reasons why Ash has never been with one of the girls he meets and possibly travels with. Though there is a main reason, he is already dating someone and that s...