Important OC Announcement

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I'm still accepting submissions first of all.

I need all OCs to be private messages to be ASAP!

The only ones I have so far are...

1. Skye_ShadowR

2. Saptarshi2003


4. DestroyerKnightAsh (For Hannah and Ajat who turned out to become important characters)

5. Janfanfic1232 (Emily and Royce who became important characters)

6. creamsweets

7. Demon_Angel_Riptide

8. Vent_Hikari


10. Swordmasterclaw

11. KristaTolson

Thanks guys!

I know that there's a lot of you who gave me OCs but they are going to be too hard to find when I'm writing. And I want to use them so please private message them to me.


1- Name

2- Appearance

3- Age (Optional)


1- 3+ Suggestions (If you can only think of one or two that's fine but limits when I can use them)

2- At least one NEW Alolan pokemon. (At least two if you give me six Pokémon) (By NEW I mean Alolan pokemon not one you can find in Alola but from past regions)

3- No OP Pokémon. Most of the trainers are relatively new to  league battling. They won't have fully evolved pseudo legendaries and other popular Pokémon.

4- Be unique! I don't want Pokémon that you can find in every other battle heavy fanfiction. Let's all try to be a little different.

5- No Mega evolution. It's not popular in Alola so why would they have it. (Also no OP forms like Ash-Greninja, let Ash be special)

6- You can give them names but try to keep them understandable. (Optional)

7- You can pick one special move for them to have. (Like an egg move) (Optional)

8- Don't fully evolve every Pokémon. (Having none is perfect) This will lead to battles never read before and that's what I want in this league.

9- You can suggest shinies but no promises.

I know I'm kind of ungrateful for requiring so much but I really do want to have your guy's OCs so that more people have a piece of them in the book.

Thanks so much to everyone submitting OCs and to everyone who reads and has supported the book.

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