Holy Panioly

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Lillie's POV

I wish this forest would last forever. It's so beautiful and peaceful...

"Look there," Ash pointed at a small clearing.

"What Pokemon are those?" I ask. One was a black and white horse like Pokémon and the other was a beige horse with blue flames.

 One was a black and white horse like Pokémon and the other was a beige horse with blue flames

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"The one with zig zag features is a Blitzle," Bonnie said.

"And the other one is a shiny Ponyta," Ash informed. "We should try catching them the traditional way."

"For the first time in your life?" I questioned.

"No I've caught a Pokémon by weakening it first before," Ash defended himself.

"Ok but it might look bad if we just start attacking a shiny Pokémon," Bonnie pointed out.

"Meloetta can you tell them we want battle and catch them?" Ash asked of his legendary Pokémon. She nodded and gracefully went over there. She started talking and the two Pokémon looked at Bonnie and Ash each with a pokeball ready to go.

The two Pokémon nodded and Ash released his Litten and Bonnie released Star. "Traditional," I smirked as Meloetta came back with a smile on her face.

Ash laughed, "Litten get in there with fire fang." Litten's fur spiked up red and her mouth had fire emerging. She ran up with pretty good speed and landed the biting attack.

Ponyta shrugged it off and used stomp to hit Litten away. I turned my attention to Bonnie's battle and things didn't look so good for either Pokémon.

Both Pokémon were panting pretty hard while exchanging multiple electric type attacks. Blitzle stomped his feet and became shrouded in flames. He charged forward and stunned both Bonnie and Star. Wasn't that a flame charge.

"Star try a quick attack." Star used his new move and ran at Blitzle. I think he was surprised at such a quick counter attack because he didn't move a muscle. The electric horse Pokémon struggled to get up and Bonnie took her chance.

"Go pokeball," She yelled and threw the device. The ball shook... and shook... and then popped open. "So close." Blitzle was still recovering.

"Try the ball the professor gave you," I say hoping the special ball made for electric types will have a greater effect.

"Here it goes," Bonnie throws the black topped ball at Blitzle.

This time the capture was complete. I grabbed the transfer device out of Ash's bag and Bonnie sent the pokeball back to the house.

"Let's watch Ash now," I say as we turn and see Ash smiling cheekily with a pokeball in his hand. "Or not."

"We should hurry up so we make it there for dinner," I suggest and we get back on the path. The sky was getting a little darker as the sun went down. I can't wait to get there and relax.

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