Destiny Rebirth by DestinyProduction
Destiny Rebirthby Destiny Productions
5 years after Ash's death, the ultimate Pokémon tournament is being held. All the best trainers are competing in it. A mysterious masked trainer suddenly appears and int...
  • serena
  • pikachu
  • romance
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Ash's journey- my way by TheGirlOfMidnight
Ash's journey- my wayby I wanted to be named Ashley...
This is ash Ketchum's journey how I think it should be. Ash Ketchum a boy who was abandoned and then raised by Pokémon. But one day the Pokémon get hunted and the one an...
  • pikachu
  • aura
  • psychicash
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Human Pokemon X Reader by bbub14
Human Pokemon X Readerby bbub14
Pokemon are turning into humans?! They want to be close to you and love you more than a trainer! I also take requests! Pictures and pokemon do not belong too me. They be...
  • pokemon
  • manga
  • human
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 Mistress Of The Legends (Legendary Pokèmon X Reader ) by devilishkaylan2015
Mistress Of The Legends (Legendar...by devilishkaylan2015
Y/n is the trainer of the century. She is the league champion. She's famous for her beauty and caring attitude. What she didn't know was a few legendary pokèmon were wat...
  • fiction
  • romance
  • pokemon
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Pokemon Academy: Bonds of Love (Amourshipping) by KitsuneChiSan
Pokemon Academy: Bonds of Love (Am...by Christine
Ash Ketchum has been accepted into a prestigious school called Kizuna Academy. At first, he was reluctant to attend school because he wanted to continue traveling, but h...
  • pokemon
  • ash
  • romance
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An Old Friend ~Ash X Reader~ by dog-lover-sam-3144
An Old Friend ~Ash X Reader~by PokémonTrainerSam246
(Y/n) (L/n), a 16 1/2 year old girl from Pallet town. She lived happily in pallet town with her best friend Ash Ketchum. They did everything together.. Until at age 9, s...
  • wattys2017
  • fantasy
  • fiction
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The Vampire's Ninetales  (Eclipse FanFic; Emmett Cullen) by insaneredhead
The Vampire's Ninetales (Eclipse...by insaneredhead
Vixen and Conan had been alone for almost 200 years but when they move to Fork, Washington, could it all change? and is it for the better? Vixen finds herself enamoured...
  • pokemon
  • jasperhale
  • eclipse
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Pretty Boy COMPLETED by dragneelzxo
Ash Ketchum is the loveable trouble maker, making girls fall left and right. Well, being a saviour makes you popular, doesn't it? Gary and Ash are the teenage heartthrob...
  • pokemonxyz
  • kalosqueen
  • ashgreninja
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The Hacker [Pokemon Fanfiction] by Dragons_Rose
The Hacker [Pokemon Fanfiction]by Rose
1st place winner of the Romance 2015 Pokemon Watty Awards --- "Falling in love only can bring pain. Love can only be stolen from you right as you realize it. Or may...
  • mewtwo
  • burningleafshipping
  • hacking
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The Girl Who Cried Love (Ash x Reader x Clemont) by DEPURR
The Girl Who Cried Love (Ash x Rea...by Desteny☆
What happens when boys love a girl? What happens when another girl like one of the boys? Good things. And bad things. And Awesome things. And, well, this story. A/N, I...
  • clemont
  • pokemonmoon
  • xreader
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Pokemon oneshots by XxPockyGirlxX
Pokemon oneshotsby PockyGirl
One shots of you and Gold, Red, ..... - under editing - (I don't take requests anymore, sorry) ~enjoy~
  • fluff
  • reader
  • gold
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[Discontinued] Luna Mew Light 'Winter Sky Storm' Hoenn Journey by EleftheriaYuyaCielo
[Discontinued] Luna Mew Light 'Win...by ☆❄️ - Lina -☀️☆
Xx Book 3: Sequel to 'Luna Mew Light Johto Journey' Xx ❌DISCONTINUED BEGIN REWRITTEN ❌ After Winning two Leagues in a row Luna Mew Light, she found out that she can't tr...
  • winterskystorm
  • adventure
  • coordinator
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(Under Rewriting)The boy you knew is gone by Pokegirllane
(Under Rewriting)The boy you knew...by An adventure awaits
Betrayed by the one he loved Found by the one he hate Take in by forced by his enemy When Ash Ketchum lost the Kalos league to Alain and his Charizard that was the las...
  • amourshipping
  • ashxserena
  • betrayed
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Don't Give Up... Until The End - An Amourshipping Story by Raullet
Don't Give Up... Until The End - A...by R
What would have happened to Serena and Ash if Serena hadn't watched the News on the day Ash saved Garchomp? After travelling though Kalos without encountering Serena eve...
  • high
  • ikarishipping
  • pokemonschool
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Pokemon: The Original Shipping (Red X Blue) by BLwriter
Pokemon: The Original Shipping (Re...by B. L. Writer
Seven years after the events of Pokémon Red and Blue, two old rivals meet face to face once again, only this time it's not for battle, but rather something more... When...
  • boyslove
  • originalshipping
  • games
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Pokémon X Reader Oneshots {Hiatus} by AuraliNamera
Pokémon X Reader Oneshots {Hiatus}by Aurali the Pokémon trainer{Hi...
Multiple pokémon x reader one-shots. No male reader x pokémon or lemons. The first couple suck so you can skip ahead it will get better i promise. Currently under Hiatus
  • oneshots
  • fluff
  • pokemon
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Vaniville High - First Year (An Amourshipping Fanfiction) #Wattys2015 by TheNameIsMark
Vaniville High - First Year (An Am...by | Bear |
Moving schools can be a hard thing, especially after making so many friends to prepare to make new ones in a different school, but that's how the wider world works. For...
  • pokemon
  • amourshipping
  • satosere
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Going for Glory ;; An Amourshipping Fanfiction by TheNameIsMark
Going for Glory ;; An Amourshippin...by | Bear |
After travelling back to Kanto from a long holiday with his Mom, Ash finds all of his friends in the Kanto region. They all meet and discover a tournament is going on wi...
  • ashxserena
  • pokemon
  • amourshipping
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|| Pokemon guys x female readers oneshots || by xthatoneotakux
|| Pokemon guys x female readers o...by Jinx 💕
basically a oneshot book of pokemon X readers requests are open and dont forget to check out my other Ash X Reader book! i can also do OC oneshots too! enjoy :) ⚠️WARNI...
  • xreader
  • romance
  • cute
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