Pokemon Gladion x Reader by AidenTorres1v7
Pokemon Gladion x Readerby 実現
You and your brother Sun go to the Alola region. After an accident with your parents, things get decided to go to Alola. You meet nice people however, like Professor Kuk...
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Caught. by SpicyChcken
Caught.by ChickenWings
[ Professor Sycamore X reader ] You're the Champ of Kanto and the big sister of Ash. Some time passed and you decided to visit your brother on his journey again, this ti...
  • pokemon
  • sycamore
  • xreader
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Abandoned Hated Male Reader X  Courtney Pokemon by TroyDarkness1
Abandoned Hated Male Reader X Cou...by Troy
Hated by his Parents so much that they left you at a nest of Mightyena without even a way to protect yourself from any attacks all alone without even as much as a Pokemo...
  • darktone
  • teammagma
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The cures of new beginnings (Pokehuman X reader) by shadow_the_eevee
The cures of new beginnings (Pokeh...by Shadow Eevee
A curses is spreading across the regions! Although few and far between, Pokémon have started turning into humans! ... but it isn't as bad as it seems.
  • funny
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Pokemon Girls x Male Reader by TheLegendofRWBY
Pokemon Girls x Male Readerby TheLegendofRWBY
I haven't really seen a lot of these stories around, so I thought I could give it a shot.
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High school - Elio x Selene  by PokespeAi
High school - Elio x Selene by PokespeAi
Selene - A very perky and a burst of joy to those around her, at first she's very shy considering the fact that it's her first day of high school so she's a freshman. Fi...
  • luminaryshipping
  • romance
  • trainermoon
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Pokemon Boiz x Reader by Fandomz_Fangirl
Pokemon Boiz x Readerby Evangeline Hisahoshi
One Shots of your fave Trainers of the Pokemon world from around the region's! Requests open and for everyone! I don't know quite a few characters so if they are out of...
  • stevenstone
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Pokemon Ash X Reader - Hateful Love by FrostedAurora
Pokemon Ash X Reader - Hateful Loveby Christa
Ash and you were friends from childhood and you both went on the journey together along with your Pikachus both of you were close and very protective for each other but...
  • adventure
  • ashketchumxreader
  • ashxreader
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Ash's Perfect Match (Ash Ketchum x Reader) by erin_means_peace
Ash's Perfect Match (Ash Ketchum x...by Multifandom Fics
Did you know that pikachus had soulmates?! Well neither did Ash, but he found that out when he ran into you at a pokemon center at the Kalos region and sparks flew, lite...
  • ashketchum
  • xreader
  • pokemon
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Stuck in naruto as a ninetails?! Oh well! (Pokemon and Naruto crossover) by Hi_Sup_Dude
Stuck in naruto as a ninetails?! O...by Hi_Sup_Dude
CAUTION: This is trash plz don't read unless you can handle real cringe. Plz don't read this trash story it's not worth it *full of shame and guilt from creating such tr...
  • crossover
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... She's Mine... (Yandere!Alola Boys X Reader) [On hold] by QueenOfNekoWriters
... She's Mine... (Yandere!Alola B...by DaydreamingNeko
... I can't believe it... ... I'm finally in Alola! I've been waiting for this for like... Ever! Yes, I'll miss my home in Kanto, but to be able to visit the islands of...
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To Be a Hero (Boku no Hero Academia x reader) by Carnameo
To Be a Hero (Boku no Hero Academi...by Carnameo
|BNHA x reader| Slight Pokemon x BNHA crossover|Updates every Tuesday| Having a bunch of rowdy pets with powers is one thing. But suddenly getting involved with aspiring...
  • manga
  • reverseharem
  • xreader
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Pokemon N x Reader by AidenTorres1v7
Pokemon N x Readerby 実現
Being a trainer, you travel around the Unova region with your Samurott and Lucario. Hugh, your best friend and rival, seems concerned about you but joins your travels. B...
  • pokemon
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Lonely Love: Gladion X Reader by QueenOfNekoWriters
Lonely Love: Gladion X Readerby DaydreamingNeko
I currently live in Alola; one of the best places to live. Almost everyone is very nice and welcoming. Almost. Team Skull is a group of troublesome teenagers that cause...
  • readerxgladion
  • readerinsert
  • alolaregion
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Pokémon Sun and Moon One Shots by PokemonTrashBabe
Pokémon Sun and Moon One Shotsby PokèTrash
  • bag
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Ash and The Arceus Missions by Frintro
Ash and The Arceus Missionsby Billy Lee
Ash had died in the Alola Region, and now have arrived in a room to see Arceus greet him there. What will happen? (Don't give me credit for this cover I got it at from d...
  • arceus
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  • pokemon
The Quiet Champion by Skullz_Rose_Blue31
The Quiet Championby | ᴅʀᴀɢᴏɴᴢ-ɢᴋ |
Ash Ketchum,After losing to Trip at the Unova League,He was heading back home with his younger brother,Red and he stumbled upon them and he was betrayed.They also kill h...
  • wattys2018
  • sinnoh
  • pokemonfanfic
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Alola to you (Ash X Reader) (Slow Updates) by lunar_kat2
Alola to you (Ash X Reader) (Slow...by that one trash
(F/n) (l/n) is a girl from the alolan region. She is also known as moon to her friends. When she decides to travel with her alolan team and runs into ash and his friend...
  • lillie
  • ash
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Amourshipping : One Day Off by QuirkQuartz
Amourshipping : One Day Offby QuirkQuartz
Ash decides to just take one day off. Just one. But you'd be surprised how much can change in one day. It was never the relaxing day Ash wanted. But he wouldn't have cha...
  • ash
  • amourshipping-fanfiction
  • childhoodshipping
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The Misfortune Champion by Skullz_Rose_Blue31
The Misfortune Championby | ᴅʀᴀɢᴏɴᴢ-ɢᴋ |
After Ash has been betrayed by his friends, family and Pokemon, he is left with nothing else, no money, no food, nothing. That's when he met Arceus, the God of all Pokem...
  • cynthia
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