Detectives J and J

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Lillie's POV

"I wouldn't be too sure about that," A familiar voice says.

"Umm," I say not sure what's going on.

"Ooh can I have chips please?" Ash asks the two who finally show their faces. It's Jessie and James I think but why are they dressed like walking stadium vendors.

"Idiot, it's us," Jessie sighs and takes off her fake glasses and yellow ball cap. James does the same thing and Ash finally realizes who they really are.

"Nine years and you still can't see past our disguises," James chuckles.

"They are pretty good," Jessie states proudly.

"Really?" I ask towards Ash. "It wasn't that hard to see that it was them. Not many people share their hair colour or style with the two."

"You joined Ash a little too late," James comments.

"In my defence," Ash starts but stops after realizing he can't think of an actual defence.

"We tried to make it obvious sometimes," Jessie sighs. "But Ash and whoever he was with could never figure it out until our big reveal after we complete our mission."

"And then fail that mission because we didn't get away because we revealed ourselves," James recounts their past.

"Our motto was too good to miss revealing for," Jessie beams. "Prepare for trou-"

"Not now," I interrupt. "You said something about life deciding to be mean again soon?"

"As we told you, we work as detectives for the Alola Police Force," James sighs and brings out a small cubed device. "Let me show you our current mission."

He throws the black and purple device up in the air and Ash backs away in fright. The cube hits the ground and expands into a giant monitor. "Ash?" I ask.

"Sorry," He says in embarrassment.

"We've been working with Meowth whenever he isn't training," Jessie informs us. "He was able to steal blueprints from one of the Team Rocket scientist's who specializes in technology. We used these devices in Unova which is why Ash kinda freaked out there."

"Meowth was able to change and improve the devices," James states. "And now most detectives have six or more of these cube things, all with different functions."

"Cool," I say. "I wonder how many things they can be used for."

"A lot," Meowth says and walks over. "I've been listening for a bit and I'm hoping the devices can completely advance Alola in the technology department."

"Meowth you may be able to compete with Silph Co soon," Ash jokes.

"I've got a long way to go," The feline Pokémon says. "But you've showed me that anything is possible."

"I think he's shown a lot of people that," I giggle.

"Sorry to stop this dream session but it's time for the bad news," Jessie states while James finishes linking his computer to the monitor.

A bunch of files flood the screen but then he brings up one titled "storm". "This is what could flip Alola upside down," James states.

"A storm?" Ash questions. "It's obviously not a small one but how much can one really do."

"We don't know exactly," Jessie says. "But it's got meteorologists and Professor Kukui on edge."

"Kukui is afraid that it might get here before the league finishes," James states. "Because there wasn't enough rooms, or out of choice, people are camping in what was an unused area of the summit. This storm is going to displace all of them."

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