A Battle for the History Books

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Ash's POV

"Uh oh," I mutter as Gladion pulls up his sleeve.


Professor Kukui's voice stops the battle and the crowd goes silent. I notice that Gladion let his black sleeve fall back down, hiding what I'm kind of hoping isn't there.

You guys forgot that there will be a field change after three Pokémon we're defeated from each side. Coincidentally that happened at the same time for both of you.

Gladion's midnight form Lycanroc backs into the trainer's box to allow the beaten up field to sink into the mountain below. Charizard swoops down and I give him a pep talk while we wait for the next field to come up.

"I have a bad feeling about this," I chuckle while Charizard stares at me with determination filling his eyes. "But this isn't going to be like the Indigo Plateau Conference."

He growls while nodding his head. "So how about we go out with a bang!" I exclaim and Gladion looks at me like I'm a child.

"Charr," He grunts and raises his fist. I hit it with mine and I hear the new field click into place.

"Get out there buddy!" I yell psyched up for the second half of this battle.

There's been a forest field like this one already, but the trees seem to be more luscious and towering. The thick trunks and bright green leaves hide the other side of the field from us but I have a feeling that problem will be solved eventually.

Let's get this battle started once again!

The new field is also acting as a barrier so the sound from my voice won't reach Gladion and his won't reach me. "Charizard get up there to see what's coming," I suggest and he pushes his way into the air.

Suddenly a bright light finds its way through the trees and into my eyes. Charizard looks at me with a look of slight panic and I know what's heading our way. I back up quite a bit out of the safety of my box to see farther above the trees.

I watch the continent sized rock slowly hover above the trees and make its way over to Charizard. It moves slowly, clipping the tops of trees off clean. The Z-Move is four times effective on Charizard and can most likely make his battle one move long.

"There's no way you're dodging that," I warn Charizard. "There's only one thing to do... Flare blitz!"

Lillie's POV

We have seats in the middle of the field so it's easy to see everything happening. Charizard is completely shrouded in raging blue and red flames. He burns up the trees he flies above before rising high above them.

He goes crashing down into the giant rock with as much power as he has to give. Charizard's wing and overall muscle strength starts to push it back towards the stunned emo duo. Charizard pushes the rock down under the tree line, completely tearing out any tree in its way.

Lycanroc reacts by running under the rock and helping it push back the fire type. The rock attack with an extremely high chemical energy inside of it moves back and forth slightly while the two Pokémon try to push through each other.

If I remember the attack correctly, it's going to explode at some point...

The two Pokémon make no major advances and the rock starts to shake violently between them. Both were too focused on winning their mini battle to remember that it's a war. Smoke starts pouring out of cracks digging into the rock.

For the millionth time this week, the view becomes clouded in thick and swirling smoke. An explosion fills the air and silents any bit of sound from the crowd...

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