The Worst Possible Outcome

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Ash's POV

The smoke rushes by me and the whole stadium has an atmosphere of suspense. The smoke starts to disperse into the night sky. The referee waits patiently to make the call. It's pretty obvious though...

"Ughhh," I groan at the result. In front of me, Greninja is sprawled in the dirt with the swirly eyes I've seen many times in my life.

"You got to be kidding me," I hear Paul groan as well. Torterra doesn't have the body shape to sprawl like Greninja. He's just slumped and immobile.

"Both Pokémon are unable to battle!" The referee announces. "Meaning this battle is a draw!"

We return our Pokémon and walk towards the middle for a handshake. The crowd cheers but it seems unfinished. I think we gave everybody pretty good entertainment though at least.

"Not bad Ketchum," Paul says and grips my hand firmly.

"It was fun," I respond. "But this battle leaves things undecided doesn't it?"

"We're basically on an equal level now," Paul sighs. "And I hate it."

"Me too," I agree. "We're having a rematch soon."

"Yep and I'll make sure it doesn't end like this again," Paul agrees.

"Let's head back then," I suggest and he nods.

Latias and Honchcrow get released and I get on top of Latias. Meloetta and Pikachu get settled and I hear a scream.

"Ash it's us!"

Max's POV

"Quicker dad!" I pull my father down the concrete stairs. We wind through people trying to exit and there's even more in the first row trying to get Ash's attention.

I release my grip and push through solo. Due to my lack of height I am able to get to front. "Ash it's us!" I scream.

He looks at me and his eyes open slightly. His smile drops a little and any hope I had of gaining forgiveness left. I can feel the smile I had drop and my head follows.

"See you in a few days Max!" Ash yells before taking off. I look up and watch the legendary Pokémon I've read so many books about. As soon as they got out of the stadium lighting they were gone into the darkness.

"He sure didn't hang around long," Misty says after they catch up to me.

"How rude," May adds.

"What could be more important then reuniting with us?" Serena asks.

"Sleep and not seeing you guys are better," I answer and catch up to my parent as we walk out of the stadium.

"Brat," I hear my sister mutter. I was about to respond but my mom gives me a quick glare.

It's not fair but I might as well stay as faraway as possible from their level. Four or five days until reunion time...

Ash's POV

Latias slowly starts her descent as the slightly cold breeze rushes by us. Hano Resort shines brightly with all of the pools and fountains lit up beautifully. "Try landing on the balcony," I suggest.

I notice Paul following us towards the balcony and we both land accordingly. I pet Latias and she flies off, probably back to the house. I open the door and we walk quietly into the living room.

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