Getting to Eight...Actually Nine

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Ash's POV

"I'm so pumped to watch these battles," I say as Lillie and I step outside. We started walking towards the green decorated stadium that was glistening in the morning sun.

"Of course you are," She giggles. "I'm surprised you haven't jumped into one yet."

"I wish," I laugh. "So it's you and Umbreon against Kimo and Torterra?"

"Yep," She says but her smile dropped. "Size definitely isn't on our side."

"Don't worry," I assure her. "You guys will win no doubt."

"Thanks," She smiles but then her face reddened. I decide to ignore it because it's probably just from the sun. "This is where we split."

The Bulu stadium stood in front of us. "Good luck," I smile. She nods and I head towards Fini stadium.

I climb up into the booth and Silver was there waiting for me. "We get a pretty intense battle between Gallade and Meowth," He informs me as he looks at the tournament bracket.

"Meowth has been on a hot streak," I state as I sit down.

"Ready to get this show on the road?" Silver asks with his finger hovering over the unmute button.

"Let's go," I say. "Welcome everybody to the third round!"

The crowd cheered and Silver had to wait a second until he could continue. "Our first battle of the day is Kayzaya and Gallade against Ethan and Meowth." Silver announces.

The two competitors came out onto the field with their Pokémon ready to go. The cat Pokémon and the blade Pokémon stood across from each other. "May I ask the Pokémon to step back for a second?" I smirk. "Because it's time for a field change."

The regular battlefield disappeared under the surface and a new one came up. "It's the forest battlefield," Silver announces.

"It's basically just trees," I laugh. The field looked almost too crowded with trees to move around quickly.

"Let's see if one of them can thrive on this field," Silver says as the Pokémon get ready for the first commands.

"Meowth get in there with night slash," Ethan commands. Meowth nodded and started running on two feet. "Meowth run on four legs for more speed." The cat didn't listen however, instead he made his way around the trees swiftly.

"Gallade use teleport," Kayzaya orders calmly. The bipedal Pokemon focused and disappeared into thin air. Meowth stopped and started looking around for any sign of Gallade. "Aerial ace!"

The trees above Meowth rustled and that's when I knew the cat Pokémon messed up. Gallade came out of the tree with a glowing foot aimed towards Meowth. He landed a direct hit but Meowth got right back up.

"Try a payday," Ethan orders.

"Psychic," Kayzaya smirked. Gallade used his psychic powers to turn the coins around and fire them straight into Meowth.

"Meowth has been our commanded so far," I announce. "Can they turn it around?"

"Something has to go Meowth's way at some point," Silver says. "And it may start with that command by Ethan."

Meowth climbed into the trees awaiting his next order. The big leaved trees hid him from view and Gallade is looking all around for any sign of movement.

"Night slash."

Meowth swooped down quickly with the super effective dark type attack already charged. With one swift hit Gallade was down and he disappeared back into the trees.

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