That's Pathetic

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Lillie's POV

"Right there Ash," I yelled pointing to a 3-storey building with police cars surrounding it.

We landed first and Ash jumped off without somersaulting this time. "Hey we can help." Ash said getting their attention.

"Sorry kid but I don't think you and that rat on your shoulder can defeat these guys." A buff cocky policeman said.

"Actually the rat on my shoulder has taken down a Latios and many other strong Pokémon." I was amazed by that but I couldn't help but laugh at the man's expression. Pikachu glared at Ash for referring to him as a rat.

"You only have Pikachu and 2 other Pokemon on you." He stated looking at Ash's belt. "That won't be enough."

That's when Charizard, Staraptor and Pidgeot stepped up beside Ash with everyone else. "I have these three too." Ash said smirking.

"We are the new new detectives," Jessie walked over and told the Police Man. "And we know the best out of everyone here that Ash's Pokemon, especially Pikachu can pack a punch." You could see them shudder reliving memories.

"I'll get you guys in but you two should stay outside." He pointed at me and Bonnie. Bonnie wanted to protest but I quickly grabbed her and guided us towards shade under a nearby tree.

"Lillie let me go, I've saved the world and I already beat two grunts." Bonnie whined. "I should have brought Rotom for proof."

"Just let Ash and the TRio take care of them." I said trying to calm her down. "And why didn't you tell us about Team Skull?"

"I just thought they were unimportant wannabe villains." Bonnie shrugged. She grabbed her Pokeballs and let them out. "Lillie do you want to help me brush Dedenne and Eevee?"

"Sure," I replied and we began making their fur shine.

Moon's POV

I approach Professor Kukui's lab. He really should try to make it look at least a little nice. I knock on the door a few times.

"Hey Moon," Professor Kukui greeted. "How's your journey been so far?"

"Good Professor but I came here looking for Ash and Lillie." I said.

"Did you go by their house?" He asked. HOUSE?

"They're moving that fast!" I exclaimed not believing my ears.

"As much as I'm shipping them too Moon, it's not like that." Aww, that sucks.

"It'll happen eventually or this wouldn't be an Aureliashipping FanFic," I said.

"Wait what?" Did I say something wrong?

"Nothing," I replied.

"Anyways," The Professor continued after our weirs start. "Ash wanted a place for all his Pokemon to roam so he bought that house by Hau'oli City."

"Makes sense I guess." I guess Lillie wanted her own room and got asked to live with them. "So are they home?"

"They were going to fight Team Skull at the Wonder Trade building but they may still be getting ready." He said.

"I better get going," I said while leaving. "Thanks Professor."

I can see their house but I also see some guy outside. "Ash get out here!" I heard the purple headed guy yell while banging the door.

"Hey plum head! Are you looking for Ash Ketchum?" I asked.

He nods with a serious look on his face. "Do you know where he is?"

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