First Round Stuff

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Dawn's POV

There's an extra headset right in front of me. Kukui probably wouldn't mind if I help a certain blonde out...

"What a smart move by Bayleef," I cheer as she deflected a dragon pulse with an energy ball. Gladion looks over and I give him a cute smile. He sighs and turns back to the battle.

"This battle is almost over," Gladion said. Bayleef started to glow slightly, "Maybe not if Bayleef can complete the aromatherapy healing move."

"The Alola sun is great for tans and grass type moves," I say.

"Salamence hover over Bayleef to block the sun," Frank yelled.

"No way this works," Gladion sighed. Bayleef started glowing a little bit dimmer. "You got to be kidding me."

"What a flamethrower by Salamence," I announced as the powerful fire type attack covered Bayleef.

"Baaaayyyy," She screamed and started evolving. She was now bigger and a shade of green instead of beige. A bright pink flower surrounded the bottom of her neck and two yellow antenna on her head.

"Meganium the herb Pokemon is still a grass type," I informed. "Let's see if the evolution can help her and Lucy win."

"Solar beam!" Lucy yelled.

"Looks like they are going for the win," Gladion states. "Frank is trying a dragon pulse defense."

"The solar beam broke through!" I exclaimed. The pale yellow attack pushed through in a straight line towards Salamence. He went down but was able to get up. "How?!"

"Grass types do next to nothing against Salamence," Gladion sighed. "It's over."

Meyer's POV

"Faba has got to be somewhere around here," I mumble. I stroll around the Aether Paradise with Blaziken by my side.

Lusamine really has done an amazing job with this place. The rescued Pokémon all seem so happy as they run around the garden up top. It's nice being able to have our family together in the same region again. Other than Clemont, I don't know what could've got into his head.

"Blaz," I hear my partner growl and point to the oddly dressed man.

"You can't just come to Aether Paradise without permission," He said snarky. "Only President Lusamine or I, Faba the Branch Chief can let you roam our magnificent island." This guy is getting on my nerves fast.

"It's not your island, it's Lusamine's," I state. "And since I'm her husband I can do what I want."

"Oh very sorry Mr. Aether," Faba said and bowed. Let's see how much I can get out of him.

"Lusamine wanted me to check out the bottom part of the island," I say as I refrain from smirking.

"What bottom?" He stammered. His face was a mix of panic and terror all into one.

"You know," I started. "Where the submarines can come in. We decided that we're going to set up a new lab down there."

"Let me show you there then," Faba said and led me to the elevator. I give Blaziken a look and he nodded.

"Right through this door," He says and we enter a dark closet. He could have at least picked a room without cleaning supplies. He shut the door quick but Blaziken punched right through it.

"Why would you do that?" I smirk.

Ash's POV

"Well that battle ended quicker than Pikachu's loss to Meowth," I laugh. Scrafty the now taller and punkier Pokémon pulled out an easy win over Audino. "Maybe now that he evolved, he won't headbutt everyone."

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