The Mystery of Meloetta

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Lillie's POV

"We need a plan," Lusamine states as we watch Team Rhythm get organized.

"Why not just charge in and fight them?" Ash asks while pacing around the Aether house's secret room impatiently.

"Sit down," I say sternly.

"Ugh," He pouts and lays across the couch.

"What legendaries are you guys bringing?" My mom asks.

"Meloetta and Blobby but Suicune is always ready," Ash answers.

"Since they've displayed interest in Meloetta shouldn't she stay here?" I question his choice.

"I'd rather her be with us because that way I can protect her," Ash states.

"Good call," Lusamine agreed. "We probably should set up some sort of backup because we don't know what we're getting into."

"I can always send Blobby back to the hotel and hope they find him and delivers an SOS call," Ash thinks up a surprisingly good plan.

"And there is Suicune too," I add. "And we sent Gladion and Dawn to recruit a back up team remember."

"Okay so we will fly there and battle," Ash maps out. "And hopefully win."

"They'll most likely be suspecting us so u don't know if that will work," I sigh.

"Just blow them up," I hear a faint voice whisper.

"Did you guys hear that?" I ask while looking around. They give me a weird look, "Nevermind."

"This just got harder," Lusamine sighs. I watch the screen and my dad was getting pulled into one of the submarines.

"Even if we do beat them, now they'll just use Meyer as a bribe," I sigh.

"Unless we get him back before we beat them," Ash suggests.

"What do you mean?" I ask confused.

"If we send a Pokémon to go get him while we battle," Ash starts. "We'll be able to avoid a hostage situation."

"When did you get so smart?" I tease.

He blushes, "Last night maybe."

"Focus you two," My Mom scorns while giggling a little. "Our plan is still charge in then?"

"Yep let's go," Ash cheers. I sigh and follow him outside. He helps me on top of Charizard and we take off into the night.

Team Rhythm Boss's POV

"Hey boss I found out more on the temple activation," Harmony shouts and runs up to me.

"Patrol and don't let anyone into the cave," I order the grunts. "And use the Blaziken guy as a bribe if you're defeated."

"Boss!" Harmony yelled again impatiently.

"What?" I ask as I turn my attention to the nerdy admin.

"We need a legendary's song to open the temple," She states.

"Not a problem," I sigh.

"But that means we need Meloetta to sing," She says frantically.

"Not necessarily," I laugh.

"You're so confusing," She sighs.

"I'm from Shamouti," I laugh at her. "I'll finally have a use for being able to play the ocarina." I hold the shell like instrument that holds so much power.

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