More Than Power

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Lillie's POV

"He's finally waking up," I state after seeing Ash's eyes flutter open.

"What hap- never mind I remember," He sighs and gets off the couch in the nicest part of the base.

"Ash?" I say softly.

"I don't know what to think now," Ash states with a look in his eyes I haven't seen since Team Rhythm attacked. "Did you guys see anything else?"

"Giovanni," Meowth sighs and I can sense that he's still not over everything that happened to him under Team Rocket. "He came out soon after and a few of the executives I could recognize were there."

"I thought Proton attacking happened to just be a solo attack at the wrong time," Ash says while looking at the ground. "But they're up to something."

"Obviously but what?" I question. "And how did they get here unseen?"

"The league," Meowth realizes. "Everyone was focused on the biggest event to ever be held in their region. Why would they check outside for evil teams flying in?"

"Let's not worry about them getting here," I state. "We need to figure out what they're after or how we're going to beat them."

"If I know Giovanni at all," Meowth starts. "It's that he isn't looking back with this mission. Our big Unova attack took years of planning and recovery wasn't easy for the organization. They are going for broke here I think."

"With my mother?" Ash questions nobody in particular. "I didn't see that coming."

"We should call whoever possible, and bring them here to come up with a plan," I state.

"But the communications are all down," Ash says.

"Not anymore," I inform him. "It's barely snowing now and the hydro companies must've been able to get crews out quickly."

"Professor Kukui will be busy with the league still so don't bother calling him," I say. "We should contact my mom as soon as possible and basically everybody we know who stayed in the region is with her."

"Not Mallow and Gary," Ash smirks. "Mallow stopped Gary from going back to Kanto without her and she couldn't find anyone to watch her trial for a bit so Gary stayed in Alola."

"Let's get to work then," I cheer and we start organizing our team. "Hey we should come up with a team name."

"No," Blobby hops in with his core form. "Or I refuse to help you guys."

"Isn't this situation basically why you joined us?" Ash asks amused.

"That was before a team name was suggested," He states.

"Fine," I roll my eyes at the legendary Pokémon.

After a few hours of wasting time and discussing a few possible plans. Meowth gets an alert that someone is knocking on our front door. "Someone needs to go to the house," Meowth states.

"Who wants to go for a run?!" Ash shouts throughout the base. Multiple Pokémon come running with hopes that they get to be the one gifted with the important mission. "Rapidash I choose you," Ash laughs and hops on the shiny Pokémon. "This way I don't have to run myself."

I watch the two disappear in the tunnel and after awhile he comes back with Bonnie, Gladion, Dawn, Gary, and Mallow. "What took you guys so long?" I ask them once they all make it inside.

"First of all this place is amazing," Dawn looks around amazed by the base. "Second of all, not everybody has an army of flying types to get around, especially in the cold."

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