Battles, Gadgets and Good Byes

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Bonnie's POV

Me versus Olivia.

Dedenne versus Lillipup.

I need to win this battle, I can't go to Akala without at least one Flower. "Dedenne get in there with nuzzle," I command hoping to get an early hit. Dedenne ran up and started rubbing his cheeks with Lillipup's.

"Lillipup baby doll eyes," Liliipup's eyes went bigger and had a certain sparkle. I noticed the amount of electricity Dedenne was charging went down. Dedenne releases the nuzzle attack and blew Lillipup back a little bit.

"Charm," hopefully that evens out the attack disadvantage.

"Get in there with tackle," Olivia said. Lillipup started dashing towards Dedenne.

"Thundershock," That should hold Lillipup off. Dedenne shot the array of electricity almost as a shield but Lillipup powered through and hit Dedenne. I could tell it hurt to go through.

"Try another nuzzle," Dedenne ran up But was countered this time with a timely bite attack.

Dedenne isn't looking to good. I could try to keep attacking but I have a secret weapon. "Rest." Hopefully Dedenne gets up soon.

"Tackle multiple times," Olivia shouted hoping she could finish this while Dedenne is fast asleep. Lillipup kept charging at Dedenne but because of how light he is Lillipup had to run farther to attack again.

This time I noticed Dedenne's eyes open while he was in the air, "Thundershock."

The attack hit Lillipup and he fell down getting up slowly. Dedenne was panting pretty hard. Then suddenly Lillipup had static coming off of him. It's about time that paralyze showed up.

"Finish with nuzzle." I say confidently.

Olivia screamed out frantically, "Try a take down attack." Dedenne started charging up but as he released he was knocked back by a short range take down.

Both of them were laying on the ground. "Cmon Dedenne you can do this." I encouraged. Olivia was doing the same but neither of them got up.

"And this battle is a draw," Sarah announced. But who gets the Flower?

"What happens with a tie Kahili?" Sarah asked since Kahili was in charge of the festivals.

"This has never happened before so I don't-," Kahili tried to explain.

"I forfeit," I look over at the mouth that came out of. "Bonnie had a better appeal and in my opinion she battled better."

"Then that's that," Sarah said back to her over enthusiastic mood, "Bonnie is the winner."

I mouthed a thank you to Olivia who just smiled at me.

Lillie's POV

"What an awesome battle," Ash said. I can't believe Olivia would do that. Maybe she's not as bad as I thought she was.

"I agree but where did Ajat and Hannah go?" I asked.

"They told me they're staying on Melrmele for a bit and have places to go," Moon answered.

"Let's go congratulate Bonnie," Ash says and gets up slowly. "I hate sitting in the same spot for that long."

"Good job Bonnie," I say as we approached the winner.

"Thanks," She beamed obviously happy she got the win. "Have you see Olivia?"

"I'm right here," The brunette said as she joined us.

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