It had two large claw like arms that it kept vertically along with its body. "Be smart here Ash," I warn as he takes a pokeball out of his bag.

"Cubone I choose you," He calls out the ground type.

"Ash you are an idiot," I sigh and tell Pikachu to go out.

"Why would you send Cubone?" I scold him.

"His evolution is a fire type," He sweat drops.

"But he's a ground type and you knew that," I groan.

"Yes but if he trained with his mother and is about to evolve then voila," He mumbled.

"So you're relying on luck," I laugh at the somehow credible battler.

"Yep now lets win this," He smiles. I nod and focus on the Pokémon in front of us.

"Lurantis use x-scissor in Cubone," Mallow commands the aura boosted Pokémon.

"Pikachu stop her with electro ball," I order.

"Cubone run towards Pikachu," Ash commanded. It all happened so fast as Lurantis ran forward arms crossed and glowing while Cubone ran over to Pikachu. Pikachu jumped and shot the electro ball towards Lurantis.

"Cubone help out with bone rush," Ash called out. Cubone turned around and followed the electro ball with small bone attacks. Both attacks didn't go much alone but dealt damage as one stopping Lurantis from completing her attack.

"Lurrrrr," She yelled into the forest. A Kecleon came out of the bush lazily onto the battlefield.

"Hey Kecleon," Mallow greeted the battle addition. He waved and focused on his opponents that were us. "Sunny day." Keckleon held the bright orb in his hands and then shot it into the sky. The sun was even brighter now and I have a feeling it did more good for them than us.

"Cubone Headbutt on Kecleon," Ash commanded. A reckless move, he looked at me and now I realize what he wants.

"Charge Cubone with a thunderbolt," Pikachu covered the charging Cubone in electricity as the move stunned Mallow.

"Ancient power Kecleon, Lurantis take this chance for synthesis," Mallow shouted. Lurantis glowed green and got into a meditating position as Kecleon held the rocks above his head.

"Cmon Cubone," I encouraged. Cubone used his hard head to power through the rock type attack. He head butted Jeckleon down then the electricity transferred and shocked the camouflage Pokémon.

Cubone ran back and cheered by lifting his tiny bone in the air. He started glowing and I couldn't believe Ash's incredible stroke of luck.

"Marowak," The newly evolved Pokémon grunted and twirled his new bone that had green fire on both ends.

"Told you," Ash smirked. I rolled my eyes and shoved him with my hip.

"Pikachu finish off Kecleon with a thunderbolt," I command. Mallow didn't react as the strike of electricity knocked him out of the battle. "Lurantis is fully healed remember."

"Try a shadow bone," Ash commanded. Marowak held the new purplish bone and threw it at Lurantis.

"Block with solar blade," Mallow ordered.

"Pikachu quick attack on her feet," I yelled smiling at my amazing idea. As Lurantis's one arm glowed brightly Pikachu does forward faster than the bone. He hit Lurantis swiftly and she lost her balance. The shadow bone hit her in the face now that she couldn't use solar blade to defend.

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