Chapter 201

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Frank sat outside the hospital, confused. He had been so sure of himself and what he wanted but now he felt lost. What on earth had possessed him to commission someone to kill his own flesh and blood? Was he going to kill his love as well? The constricting pain in his chest grew and he started to breathe heavily. A passing doctor noticed him and asked if he was ok.

“I’m fine. Just some bad news,” coughed Frank.

“If you step inside we could take a look at you,” said the doctor, concerned with the pale demeanour of the man.

“No, no. I am ok. I’ll come inside if I feel worse.”

“Ok. Take care. Good bye.”


There was a tingling in his left arm and the pain started to intensify. Perhaps he should check in? Frank shook his head and slapped his own cheek, hard. Snap out of it! Was this a mid-life crisis? Does that mean he was going through male menopause? Frank stiffened once more as the pain rocked his body and he fell to the ground, clutching his chest.

No one saw him fall.

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