Chapter 106

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Sandra felt strange cramps in her stomach. Was this normal in pregnancy? She eased herself down on the sofa and propped her back with a pillow. Something felt wrong. Trying desperately to relax, she breathed as she had seen the ladies do when in labour on tv but all that did was increase her heart rate even more.

Raising herself again, she went to look for her keys. Probably best to make an appointment first, so she didn't have to wait for hours at the doctor's office. The young girl on the phone said that if she was cramping so early in pregnancy, something was definitely wrong and she may be better off going straight to the hospital.

Hyperventilating now, she sat on the floor and burst into tears. Playing with the charm bracelet, she wondered if it was due to stress brought on by Elizabeth's visit?

After fifteen minutes of crying on the floor, the cramping subsided and she breathed a sigh of relief. Maybe she should go and get checked out just in case? Sandra called the doctor's office once more and requested an appointment with her doctor, against the wishes of the young receptionist. It was probably nothing. Better safe than sorry, right?

Once they left and got married, nothing would ever upset her again! Oh how she longed for her own little cottage and to raise her baby in a loving, happy relationship! Sandra dreaded the thought that she may be left to raise the child on her own or worse yet, that he would take the baby away from her.

Just then the cramping returned. 

It appeared to be triggered by stress. Maybe the doctor would prescribe something to help her relax? Maybe they would leave soon and the stress would disappear?

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