Chapter 176

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Frank had given Paul Sharline’s photo and address and was nervously waiting to hear from him. Surely he couldn’t stuff this up? If only Frank knew how to find her, things would be so much easier.

He thought about his ex-wife and their daughter. She had become a prostitute, sleeping with everything that walked and he was sick of bailing her out. That is why he thought he would end all their misery and dispose of the daughter. She had become an embarrassment to the family and he refused to watch her waste her life. He had tried to be supportive. His wife had become an alcoholic when she discovered what she had given birth to. That she could have changed so much from that sweet girl they had sent off to Switzerland was incomprehensible. Frank had brought her home so many times and had issued ultimatums but they fell on deaf ears. His daughter was a headstrong girl and did as she pleased, without any regard for her family and friends.

Frank nearly died of embarrassment when he discovered that she had slept with his best friend. Their marriage was in tatters after his friend’s wife found out. She now jumps at shadows and is sickly jealous, not letting him out of her sight. Frank had begged his daughter to stop but she ignored him. She told her mother that as she was supporting herself, she had a right to live any way she liked. That they had no say in her lifestyle choice.

A prostitute! What else do you call someone that sleeps with everyone she meets?

His own flesh and blood whoring herself out to all and sundry! If she needed the money, all she had to do was ask! He had decided he couldn’t live through the scandals any longer. He was doing this out of mercy. Frank had divorced his wife when he realised she was enabling their daughter’s behaviour; giving her approval when it was not appreciated, telling her that her free spirited lifestyle was ok. If he was the only sane one in the family, then so be it. He didn’t have a child only so that she could ruin them.

She would die and everyone would be happy.

Only, she proved a lot harder to kill than he had anticipated.

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