Chapter 195

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I was over the moon - in a cheesy, clichéd sort of way! Oh how wonderful it was to be alive! I danced around my room and ran to my dungeon, yelling to my online viewers, “Free show for all you beautiful people!” Generally play time was extra; this little show was for my John. Oh how wonderful! To have my first love back in my life after so long and after all that had been going on... I reached over for my first toy, the one that John had bought me and wondered if he was watching? Running back to the living room, I nearly tripped over my critters but I didn’t mind. Nothing would get me down today. Did he remember the toy? Did he remember how he had taught me how to use it? I moaned and spread my legs on the couch, angling myself for the cameras. Did he still like me? Did he like what he could see? I stood and walked over to a shelf and massaged cream into my body, just like I had all those years ago; picturing his hands on my body, touching me, licking me, kissing me. I groaned loudly. My initiate was back in my life and things couldn’t be better. The toy vibrated against me and sent little waves of pleasure coursing through me. I threw my head back in ecstasy. How many people out there were watching and enjoying the show? Is John mad at me? Should I have left play-time for his private viewing? I climaxed swiftly and blew a kiss to my followers, exhausted and happy, taking the toy back to the dungeon.

Pearl barked and it sent a chilled shudder down my spine.

Would I ever feel safe again?

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