Chapter 179

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Paul had almost choked on his drink when Frank told him that his missing girl was Sharline! How small was this world? The man was amazing and the greatest hypocrite. He was fucking his daughter’s friend from university but she was not allowed to fuck his friends. Tut tut tut He wondered if he knew that he himself had fucked her and had enjoyed the experience. He laughed to himself. He had fucked the daughter and the girlfriend! The daughter was by far better.

He found the whole situation amusing and surreal. How was it that their lives were so intricately entwined into this crazy web of life?

What was keeping his lover? He looked at his phone and hoped it would ring. It was while he was looking at the phone that he realised he needed to call that sexy little nurse, Nancy. He had forgotten all about her.

“Hey baby, how are you? Sorry was away on business and couldn’t call. I miss you.”

There was trembled sighing before she spoke. “Mum knows everything,” she confessed. “I am scared. I tried to throw off the balcony but she busted me. Do you love me?”

Paul grabbed the pillow, fighting the urge to scream at the stupid girl. He had to control his anger.

“Of course I love you. I am a little confused, however. Didn’t we agree that it would be best if you gave her an overdose? How did you get to throwing her off the balcony?”

Nancy sobbed and rushed into justification of her actions, “She is evil! Every time I am near her, something bad happens to me. I tried to up her dosage but my mother demanded that we give her a chance to tell us her side. I told her you had told us all you knew about her but she was adamant. Then she said some very nasty things about you and how you were only using me to dispose of your ex-girlfriend. I tried to tell her about our plans to get married and run away together but she wouldn’t listen. I can imagine how frustrating she was to you when she could walk and talk! I am having the worst time with her and she is an invalid!”

When she paused, Paul ventured, “So she is still incapacitated?”

Nancy was breathless when she responded, “Oh, yes! She started to move her eyes but can’t talk and can’t move. How can it be so hard to kill her?”

Paul drew in a deep breath. “Where are you? I hope no one can hear you!”

She gagged a little and he could hear her opening and closing doors.

“I am all alone. No one is here.”

He breathed a sigh of relief. She would have to go too. The mother as well. He groaned. That brought his tally to six for the month.

“I have to go, mother is home.”

With that she hung up and he was left staring at the phone. Was he doomed to be surrounded by idiots? What on earth had possessed her to think that she could throw her over the balcony? He was sure that the flighty number would have told the police he encouraged her. She couldn’t even keep a secret from mummy!

Just then his phone rang.

“What room are you in?”

He smiled. At least the evening would be carefree.

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