Chapter 155

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The nurse didn’t administer the narcotics that would fog her mind further. It was in neither of their interest to do so. The doctor seemed pleased to see her regaining movement but expressed concern that perhaps the dosage needed to be increased in case she had a relapse.

“Relapse? A relapse of what?” she wondered.

Still unable to speak and now able to slightly curl her fingers, Sharline expressed extreme agitation and squeezed her eyes shut frequently, much to the dismay of those around her. What they didn’t realise, Sharline did this in an effort to will her body to respond faster not because she was about to have a fit.

“How’s my lovely gal doin’?” asked the nurse as she waltzed in happily.

Sharline hoped that the nurse could see the happiness in her eyes.

“I’ve been speaking to another nurse here who says she wants to apologise for being so hasty to judge. She’ll be in later. Her name is Nurse McIntyre. I’m sure she didn’t mean any disrespect.”

She must be talking about the vulture-like nurse who made her uneasy. Interestingly, she hadn’t seen her in a while.

“Let me comb your hair and rub some cream into your skin. The aircon dries everything out. You wouldn’t believe me but I am really eighteen!” she joked and saw the twinkling of understanding in Sharline’s eyes.

As she rubbed the cream in, the nurse bent closer and asked, “Do you know this Michael well? Was he a lover? He has his eye on my little girl and I am worried about her. Should I be? Should I trust you over him?”

Sharline’s eyes widened in surprise; which didn’t escape the nurse’s keen observation.

“Ahhh. So I was right,” she whispered.

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