Chapter 100

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The girls remained huddled in the van, unsure if they should move to the aid of Tara or not, for she had risked her life to save theirs but movement could get them all killed. Kali was shaken and afraid that she had lost her only remaining family member. What could any of them do?

"We can't stay here," whispered Sienna.

"But what can we do? Do you see what he's done to this poor girl?" cried a voice in the dark.

"We are all going to die," cried another hysterically.

The girls that were able, hushed the ones that were crying but deep inside they felt as helpless. What could be done?

"I can't sit around and wait for him to return and kill us. My sister risked her life, the least I can do is the same."

All the other girls sat in silence contemplating their own course of action.

"We are locked in," spoke Sienna.

"Well I guess I just have to grit my teeth and climb over to the driver's door and get out that way," said Kali shakily.

"But he can see you through the windscreen!" cried someone.

"I will risk it. Better try and die then sit here and wait for him to carve me up some more."

She used every ounce of strength she had left in her reserves and clambered over the other girls before lifting herself over the seat. It took all her concentration to not scream out in agony and await her fate. There appeared to be no one outside but it was difficult to tell as it was dark and unfamiliar. Taking a moment to regain some courage, she sat in the seat and opened the door.

A shrill alarm pierced the silence and she froze in fear. Quickly she returned to the back of the van and the girls sat in horror. Twice now they had failed! 

He rushed into the garage and saw the driver's door open and cursed. One of them had gotten away. She couldn't have gone far. Silencing the alarm, he opened the back and demanded, "Where did she go?"

They all cried that they didn't know in unison.

"Well this is not going to be good for any of you unless we find her!'

He slammed the door shut and locked it, resetting the alarm.


His patience was wearing thin. He would have to make an example of one of them to keep them in line!

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