Chapter 109

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I was enraptured with my new toy! He played rough but safe and through him I experienced things I had never expected. His wealth of knowledge surpassed mine in such a way that left me breathless and yearning for more. Thanks to him, I even started venturing out, albeit with him only but still.. 

We had recently gone to a crazy underground party that he was invited to. Masks were optional, so I pulled out all stops and went with him to buy a new one. It was so fancy and intricate! The mask was probably one of the nicest I had seen let alone owned. The soft, muted greys enhanced the vibrant blues, aquas, greens and yellows. The mask could put a peacock to shame!

As we went hand in hand down the steps, it felt as though the ground and crowd were swallowing us up. The writhing bodies were both sensual and harsh. This was a s and m party, with the whole place kitted out in such a way to leave little to the imagination. People were dangling above us, held up by their nipples and sexual organs. I was not sure if they had reached nirvana or whether the pain was something that they were addicted to. Many were bound and leashed, crawling around with their Masters in tow. Studs and leather were the predominant theme and I had worn an all leather number too, my genitals, rear and breasts the only things exposed. My policeman was dressed in a similar garb, only his screamed authority unlike the chained beasts that rubbed themselves against us as we passed, like cats wanting food. His mask was something akin to the phantom of the opera's, a harsh contrast to my colourful one. In fact, it appeared that my mask was the only thing of colour in this place.

I watched in fascination as nails raked flesh, causing blood to drip onto the hard, concrete floor. Whips were something to try and dodge, as some were studded and looked like they may cause quite a bit of pain if they accidentally dug into you. Sparks of electricity flew from one corner and I watched a man being given electric shock therapy while a girl serviced him. I wondered what that felt like? Did he even feel any pleasure or was his brain fried? I stared at a girl ride a man like a horse, her spurs digging into his thighs painfully. Another Master and slave passed, the slave stopping to lick the shoes of all that walked by.

My Constable led me to a wall with chains and fastened them around my ankles first , before securing my hands. An involuntary shudder passed through me as I waited impatiently, hoping he would be gentle at first. He smiled and kissed me. I scant noticed the hose he had inserted, before a warm liquid filled me. It was not unpleasant but it wasn't something I would have done on my own. The smells and location were finally beginning to have their own affect.

I am ready for anything.

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