Chapter 186

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Arianrhod was in a taxi on her way to the hospital to meet with a police officer. Apparently there was a shooting and James was involved. If only she had listened to daddy and done what was required instead of letting her emotions get the better of her. Why did she have to fall in love with him? Of all people! Now he had gone and shot the stupid slut and she had to identify her body, no doubt. What else could it be?

As she walked hastily through the hospital, she swore she saw the man that her father had hired to drive her home only moments ago. Were her eyes playing tricks on her? Why would he be involved? She twisted around trying to see him but he was gone. Perhaps he was only a figment of her imagination after all? She had been through a lot this evening; it was no wonder she couldn’t see straight.

She found the officer waiting in the lobby as he said he would be.

“Arianrhod York,” she introduced herself, extending her arm in greeting.

“Constable Princeton,” he replied, shaking her hand.

“How can I help you officer?”

“What is your relationship with James Franklin?”

“We used to date,” she replied hesitantly, unsure what had happened and why she was being interrogated. The only good thing she could make out was that if they wanted to charge her with murder as well, she would be in the police station not being interrogated here in a hospital.

“How long ago did you break up?”

“A couple of hours ago.” Arianrhod realised that people may have seen them together and it was best to keep the lie as simple as possible.

“We you aware that he was going to propose to you?”

She choked and stared incredulously at the policeman. Propose? James? Suddenly the blood drained from her body. Was James dead? Is this why she was here?


“Did you quarrel this evening Miss York?”


“Did you want him dead?”

“Dead? Is he dead? Oh my God!” Arianrhod broke down into tears. Her James was dead. How could this have happened?

“Miss York, please answer the question.”

“No. I didn’t want him dead. I loved him.”

“Why the past tense?”

“Is he alive?” She was shaking uncontrollably. This was not what she expected when she came here tonight.

“Yes he is alive. I have some questions about the shooting however.”

“Did he shoot someone? Oh my God!” So her initial hunch was right after all.

“Whom do you think he shot?”

Arianrhod, still pale and shaking, stared blankly at the officer and crumpled onto the floor like a deflated balloon.

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