Chapter 171

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“What on earth are you doing?”

Nancy froze and turned to face her angry mother.

“She is nothing but trouble! If she commits suicide, all our problems will be over; both mine and Michael’s.”

“Do you want to go to jail because of some floozy and her useless boyfriend that hasn’t been to visit you since he left?”

Nancy bit her lip. Crystal was heavy, a dead weight and her arms ached from holding her. Her mother came over and they put her back on the stretcher. She was in so much trouble now and her dislike for this mute vegetable had grown into something greater than hatred. He said they would be together only once she was gone. Now what was she to do?

“Don’t you find it odd that he asks you to dispose of her? What kind of man does that make him? Would you allow your daughter to marry someone like that?”

The mother slapped her hard and glared at her.

“You are a stupid and naive girl. Get home before I kill you!”

Nancy cradled her cheek, tears of embarrassment streamed down her face.

“I am not a child! Stop treating me like one!”

“Then stop acting like one! Get out of my sight! I need to try and fix this mess that you have made. Go!”

Nancy turned on her heel and left, slamming the door behind her.

The nurse looked at Sharline and raised an eyebrow, “What am I to do with you? How can one person cause so much trouble, hey? Why does he want you dead so desperately?”

Sharline tried to talk and a squawk came out.

“Ahhhh... Not so mute after all.”

She wheeled her back to the room and advised all she saw along the way that she had read that fresh air and a night sky had woken a woman from a coma, so thought she would try to help Crystal in the same way. Everyone smiled and wished her luck, no one suspecting that anything else had taken place.

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