Chapter 184

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The policeman stood by the hospital bed and eyed the victim suspiciously. He claimed he had no idea why he was shot but something didn’t sound right.

“So you decided to travel to the opposite side of town to get laid?”

James shook his head in exasperation. “I told you, I broke up with my girlfriend and wanted to forget her. An old mate had been to that strip club before and suggested it, so I went there. As I was getting out of the car, a maniac shot me. He said nothing. I have no idea who he is, nor why he would want to shoot me.”

“Is there anyone else you think may want you dead?”

“My girlfriend,” he joked.

The policeman wrote hastily on his pad.

“I was joking about the girlfriend wanting me dead, by the way.”

“Nevertheless, I will need her details. What is her name, telephone number and address?”

“Why? Because I made a lame joke?”

“No, because we need to verify what you have told us.”

James groaned and unwillingly gave the required information. The policeman looked like he had no sense of humour.

“You had a large sum of money on you. Are we to believe it was to be spent on strippers?”

“Some of it. I had planned on buying an engagement ring from an old dealer that doesn’t believe in credit cards, however, things didn’t exactly go to plan.”

“The name of this jeweller?”

“Would you like his blood type as well? Perhaps a list of allergies?”

“I would advise you to cooperate. We are trying to locate the person that tried to kill you. You being a smart-arse only gives us reason to suspect that you do know who pulled the trigger.”

James gave a sad look and replied, “I understand. Sorry, it’s just my way of dealing with coming close to death. I apologise.”

The policeman nodded and walked over to a nurse, requesting that he have a psychological examination before he walked back over to James.

“I will see you tomorrow. If you remember anything else or suddenly discover you do know who it was that shot you, please call me.”

James nodded in agreement and stuck his hand out to shake the policeman’s hand, “Thank you.”

“A forensic officer will be in shortly, to draw the criminal’s likeness.”

“Thanks again officer. I’m sorry for being difficult. I’ll call if I recall anything.”

The policeman grunted and walked out the door, colliding with a man carrying flowers.

“Sorry,” they both said in unison.

The man holding the flowers quickly stepped into the shadows and cursed under his breath. This was going to be trickier than he thought. Quickly he dialled his employer and explained that he needed a week as things were complicated. He lost his bonus and the amount was reduced as it wasn’t done on time but it was still good money. He needed the extra income to support his addictions. Being an architect wasn’t enough.

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