Chapter 192

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John stared at the reflection in the mirror and wondered how he ended up old. Wasn’t he young and dashing only days ago? Wasn’t it only yesterday that he had an affair with his friend’s daughter? That young minx! There was a tightening in his groin and his trousers pulled taut. He could still taste her if he closed his eyes and remembered. She was the reason he had left the country but he had now returned for the same reason. He searched for her for years without luck. No other woman compared. Pornography was a poor substitute for that girl. She was willing and all his. He had taken her before anyone else had and he had taught her everything he knew. Her thirst for all things sexual had meant that even he had to broaden his horizons and explore; research and try new things so that he may teach her in turn.

It was on this travel of exploration that he had met a young man named Paul. He had heard about the famous Frambuesa Lounge and had gone there to see if he could find entertainment for his young mistress. Instead he had been initiated into a whole new world; one that he had never considered nor dared dream about. Nothing was taboo. He had stopped outside a room where two men were engaged in very sensual intercourse and was intrigued. It wasn’t like he was gay or felt anti-homosexuality between men, it was simply a fascination. One of the men had looked up and had seen him staring with open interest and invited him in. Slowly he made his way to the bed and continued watching up close. One of them reached over and touched the front of his trousers and he shuddered, surprised that it could affect him. He was straight and very much loved women. As the man continued to stroke his cock through his trousers, he realised that he was being turned on. He unzipped and released the now straining cock, allowing the young man to fondle him as they continued to fuck there in front of him. Confused he wondered why he was enjoying the sensations when he was not attracted to men. Was this normal? Or did this mean he was gay? The men had manoeuvred on the bed to allow him to step closer and it was only as he felt the warmth of moist lips wrapped around him that he admitted that he was in fact very much bisexual.

The feeling of a man’s mouth differed from a woman’s. They were both soft and warm but there was a carnal feeling to the mating between two men that was more animal than sensual. Even though he had been drawn to the sensuality, he now realised just how much he wanted this man that was giving him his first gay blow-job. The two men both turned their attention on him, when one of them breathed, “First time?” John nodded and was pushed back onto the bed as they pleasured, teased and taught him to appreciate a whole new world of sex. When the act was over, he exchanged numbers with the young man that had initiated him into the world of man love. Paul was his name.

They continued to meet in secret at the lounge and realised that Paul was very much like a younger version of himself; both finding pleasure in male and female company. Experimentation increased to include transsexuals – the perfect union of man and woman in one body. So many wild days and nights until Paul starting getting jealous and wanted to see him outside his comfort zone.

John and Paul continued their affair in hotels, motels and other outdoor locations. The more time they spent together the more John realised that he didn’t really know Paul. So he followed him and discovered that Paul was not the same man that he was in bed. For some reason this made him desire Paul even more. He enjoyed a man that was wild and carefree, one with a dark side. When he confronted Paul, demanding that he explain his career choice, Paul had told him that he was a hired killer but that he was still the same man that he knew and loved. Unfortunately it was at this time that his own affair with his best friend’s daughter was uncovered; causing him to uproot and leave.

When he returned he sought out Paul and the two of them resumed their affair. It was not as frequent as it had been but it was still nice to break the monotony of monogamy. His wife continued to spy on him, frequently testing his marriage vows by sending him pretty young girls to tempt him. Luckily he was able to outwit her and so they continued their sham marriage. He loved her dearly but her jealousy had pushed him away. He spent a great deal of money on porn sites and found that he could have virtual relationships with anyone he desired. His wife had to accept this, knowing that if he didn’t have this he would once again stray.

John walked back to his desk. His wife had been on his personal computer, he could tell. Luckily he was IT savvy enough to erase his history and never keep anything on his PC that could lead to trouble. She knew of his porn addiction but was snooping to see if he was seeing anyone else. John had access to her emails and was aware that her friends had urged her to check his mail for possible affairs. Clean and guilt free. They both were much more harmonious while she believed he had repented and was truly a devoted husband. What she didn’t know, kept the peace and love.

A friend of his on an online community had told him of a new site that had recently gone Apparently a girl had installed cameras all over her house and one could look at her or even chat to her online, sending requests for what they would like to see live. There was a fee but then there was always a fee for premium goods. According to his friend, the girl was a knock-out and was worth every cent. John created an account and waited patiently for approval of payment before he could see this number for himself. He decided to peruse some other sites whilst he waited.

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