Chapter 167

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Elizabeth threw her glass at the door and watched it shatter, detachedly. She was furious. He had given her the slip and was nowhere to be found. Her useless detective (why was she paying him again?) had lost him!

Walking to the drink cabinet, she pulled out another crystal glass and poured herself a vodka. She drank it straight, savouring the burning sensation; finding comfort in the pain. Elizabeth realised she could put up with a lot but she had reached her limit. She had forgiven her useless husband, his attitude, his absences and even his cheating and getting the little hussy pregnant. What she would never forgive is him leaving.

He would pay.

Elizabeth flung the empty glass at the door once more and stared as the fragments scattered all around her. She bent and picked up a piece, clenching it tight in her hand. Blood trickled down her palm and onto the new rug.


It somehow lessened her inner torment.

They were happy in the beginning. Then he grew distant and spent more and more time away from her. She had thought he was adjusting to the new life but then he started getting angry at her without reason and had less and less time for her. When Elizabeth came home and found blood in the toilet, she realised he was bringing his new affair home. Why else would there be blood in the toilet? Some disgusting whore, who didn’t even have the decency to flush.

Elizabeth considered having an affair, just to get even. She was attractive and many men had already propositioned her. When he couldn’t be bothered enough to be around and had time for every other venture, why not?

He came to her not long ago, demanding a divorce. She had laughed at him and ripped it up. Why would she give him this when he wouldn’t give her a child? If he could spend enough time with that slut and get her pregnant, the least he could have done was given her one of her own. She didn’t need him. Elizabeth had spent so much time on her own that she could envisage a life without him. When she thought of the wasted years, all that time she had wasted on that ungrateful son of a bitch... She grabbed another glass and flung it at the door as well. They were her glasses. She bought them herself. She was so sick of “stuff” when all she had desired was a family of her own.

Elizabeth took the bottle of vodka and another glass and sat down. She flung the glass on the floor and drank straight from the bottle. If only she could drink the pain away!

She was not going to give him a divorce.

The only way he would get that, would be over her dead body.

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