Chapter 119

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She was staring down the barrel of the gun and trying desperately to put the van into gear. The girls in the back had started screaming hysterically, some words of encouragement, others despair and gloom. He walked calmly in his underwear out into the garage and aimed. At the last moment the van moved and the gear clicked into place! Oh the joyous occasion! Only that was short lived. He fired with the skill of a marksman and the bullet wedged itself between her brows. Using the remaining energy that she had, she pressed on the accelerator. Unfortunately, she had gotten as far as a post. 

He cursed and stormed to the driver's side, yanking the dead girl out of the way, throwing her on the road. There was no need for privacy and secrecy anymore. The entire neighbourhood had heard the escape and the gun shot. As he clambered in, to take the place of the driver, some of the girls had dared to try and make a hasty escape through the back doors. The alarm had gone off and the shrill siren pierced the sky.

Gun in hand, he turned to the girls huddled in the back and spat, "You couldn't have done this quietly!? Now look what you have done!" 

He fired shots and killed one girl and wounded four. They all started to scream hysterically again. Jumping out of the van he hauled the girls that had tried to escape back inside and returned to the driver's seat.

"You are all going to pay for this!"

He reversed the dented vehicle and drove away, the neighbours peering uneasily through curtained windows. A couple had the decency to call the police and outline what they had just witnessed.

The wounded girls whimpered as he yelled at them all to be quiet. He needed to think. Where was he going to take them now? Police would be crawling all over the area like ants over a picnic blanket soon enough. They were still combing the area since the incident at the lake.

"SHUT UP! I AM TRYING TO THINK!" he yelled again and this time, he aimed his gun over his shoulder randomly firing away. 

Six shots connected with already hurting bodies. Some had been shot for the second and third time, yet they amazingly held their tongues in check despite their agonies. Being in pain was preferable to being dead.

Still angry and quite upset, he sat in stony silence as he drove and contemplated his next move. 

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