Chapter 121

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Standing at the door, Detective Harrison looked around before he pressed the doorbell. He wondered how he could be so close, yet so far away from the girls and rescuing them. The curtain shuffled and he saw a frightened lady quickly drop it, causing it to sway unnaturally. Realising that the woman was not going to open the door to a man dressed in a suit, he knocked on the door loudly and yelled, "This is the police!"


He scowled. This was a waste of time. Understandably she was afraid but he needed to find the psycho and save the girls, if any were still alive. The thought made him queasy and he bashed against the door once more. She stood at the window and pulled the curtain back, talking on the phone.

"Prove it! I have the police on the phone!" she yelled at him.

"Detective Harrison. I am with the investigation for the man that drove away in the black van. Ask them to verify," he shouted back.

She spoke into the phone and stared at him uneasily, searching for other cars on the road. It was only when she noticed the police lights on his unmarked car that she relaxed visibly and opened the door.

"You have to understand, I am on my own and there was a maniac on a shooting spree," she said nervously.

He smiled and tried to calm himself as he spoke reassuringly, "I understand completely. I too would be hesitant to let a stranger in after something as shocking as that happened outside my door. So let us get this over with quickly, so that we may do our job, catch him and lock him up for a very long time."

She smiled nervously as she motioned for him to sit on her couch.

"Let's start with something trivial, like your name," he joked, easing the tension further.

"Anna-Maria Gonzales," she responded.

"Miss Gonzales, did you notice anything out of the ordinary? What can you tell me about what happened?"

"Well I know that Jessica is a widow and that she doesn't really have anyone. She talks fondly of a nephew but he is overseas I believe. Married, kids... you know. I think this freak has been watching us and realised that she was the easiest target and hid there. Oh my God! That could have been me! Did he kill her?"

She started to get hysterical and sobbed into a towel she had been crying into since the whole incident occurred.

"No ma'am. She is alive. Drugged but alive. We have taken her to hospital and she will be just fine. When did you notice him? When did he move in?"

"I don't know. I usually notice if someone is snooping about but this time... nothing! The first I knew of it was when the van broke the door down and then the gun fire!"

"What direction did he head off in?"

Anna-Maria cried and didn't have the energy to reply to the bombardment of questions at such a time. It could have been her, was all that she heard in her head.

Detective Harrison realised that he was not going to get any further and so he stood and excused himself. On his way out, he phoned the station to take the statements of all surrounding neighbours.

What was his link to Jessica and what had happened to blow his cover? Whatever it may be, he was grateful. 

He was so close now he could smell him! 

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