Chapter 128

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"Have you decided?"

Arianrhod sat straighter and raised her eyes to her father's, "Daddy, the answer is always the company. How can you think I would choose anything or anyone over it?"

His face was not giving away anything as he reached for his scotch. Taking a deliberately slow sip from his glass, he surveyed her face.

The longer he took the more effort it required to sit still and endure the examination. The Spanish Inquisition, she mused.

"You have not removed him yet. How are you going to take care of that?" he asked accusingly after a great pause.

She took in a sharp breath, giving herself away despite the Herculean effort she had conjured in a brave show of mock indifference.

"I will tell him tonight. He knows that it was only a game."

He nodded his head, the shadows of the room playing across his face, making him appear more sinister. It made her stomach turn in knots.

"Telling him won't make him go away. Disposing of him won't do either. Maybe we employ him and relocate him to another country for a temporary period of time?"

It irked her that her father thought so little of her persuasive skills.

"I will sort this out. This is my mess and you gave me a week. As far as I was aware, I have a day left."

All that he responded with was a smirk, before he took another slow sip of scotch.

"Let us see if you are really as prepared to take over the family business as you say you are. Tomorrow it is. If you do not succeed, i will be forced to look at alternatives."

Arianrhod stood and walked over to her father, bending to kiss his cheek.

"Worry not Daddy, I promise I will not disappoint you."

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