Chapter 145

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He paced the room once more before he angrily grabbed his things and slammed the door on his way to the car. She was NOT going to make a fool of him anymore! How dare she think that he would drop everything and be at her beck an call, then stand him up!?!

James stormed to his car, flinging his belongings on the passenger seat as he turned on the ignition and took a deep breath to calm himself. Why did he let her get to him like that? Fumbling for his mp3 player, he tried to connect to his audio system and play something that would soothe his state of mind.

Metallica - Enter Sandman

He let the soothing guitar work on his mind before the drums hyped him up to get going. Pounding the steering wheel to the beat, he zoned out and drove on autopilot. 

"Sleep with one eye open, gripping your pillow tight.."

"Yes... Sleep with one eye open Arianrhod, you have messed with me one last time." 

James had decided that he was going to do this alone. Her involvement only made matters complicated. A meeting with Paul was in order ... but he owed him money. 

What a conundrum!

What if he went it alone? He had a lot of dirt on Arianrhod and her family business. Extortion wasn't his thing but ...

He smiled to himself and drove on.

Whizzing past on the freeway he noticed something out of the corner of his eye. Was that Airanrhod's car on the other side of the road? Surely not? He stopped and reversed. Yes, it was definitely hers. 

Maybe he had overreacted after all...?

Why hadn't she called?

Anger boiled in him once more. Just as he was about to press down on the accelerator, her car door opened and a skimpily clad Arianrhod came running through the traffic, dodging cars, making her way to him in the dark.

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