Chapter 185

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I had finished installing cameras as per instruction inside my home. My techie friend had logged into my computer and was now adjusting and doing what needed to be done to get me online. Not only was it a great source of new income but I also felt safer. My new site allowed users to pay to log in and watch me doing my thing – in all the rooms. Some paid per room, others for the whole show. If they paid extra, I would even perform especially for them in my bedroom – which will be used only for that reason. There would even be live chat and group chats. Suddenly I felt overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of the project. I have received emails from guys from all around the world, asking me to fondle, masturbate and even walk around my bedroom in high heels and stockings. It was so deliciously naughty!

My friend sent me a chat to say he was done and that now, I was visible from all angles. He had even set up the website for me, which is why I have given him unlimited access to me and my home. It was so exciting! My own website! My own “show”!

A steady income and no judgement.

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