Chapter 165

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James pulled up outside an old fast food restaurant, on the seedier side of town where he used to hang out. It was a meeting point for most hoons and goons. Stepping out, he turned to see Arianrhod raise her eyebrows in question and mutely follow suit. They stood there looking at one another over the roof of the car for a few seconds before James locked the doors and headed inside.

Air quickly walked up behind him, not feeling comfortable in such a run-down establishment. She received appreciative nods from guys on hotted up Japanese cars and quickened her step. Why had he dragged her out here? Surely they could have sat in a nicer place and had equal privacy?

Inside the fast food restaurant, James stood in line and ordered a meal for himself and looked questioningly at Air. She shook her head and asked for a coffee only, pulling a face as she looked at the crowd munching away on fries and burgers. He grinned and draped an arm about her shoulders. This was a good choice in location. He had the upper hand.

They took their tray to an empty booth and sat down. James was in no hurry as he slowly unwrapped his burger and emptied his fries on the tray. Arianrhod nervously grabbed her coffee and glared at him.

“Why did you bring me here?” she hissed.

James continued to ignore her as he chomped away on his burger and stared blankly at her.

She kicked him under the table and growled, “Why did you bring me here? Couldn’t we have gone home to talk?”

He reached across the table and gripped her wrist so hard her eyes watered. He put down his burger and wiped his mouth and replied, “Don’t ever do that again. I came here because I will not end up in bed with you. Here we can talk without interruptions and without distractions. Now spill. What was tonight all about?”

Arianrhod looked guiltily at him and dropped her gaze purposefully. Biting her lip she said, “I just wanted to feel you naked in bed next to me.”

He shook his head, “I don’t buy it. What is going on? No more bullshit. Just lay it flat.”

When she didn’t speak, he continued, “You see, this is what I think is going on. We were supposed to get rid of our client. We didn’t. I left you to do it and you wanted me to do it. In the end, our accomplice turned because of a financial dispute. Now you have managed to talk to daddy dearest and have told him the whole story and he doesn’t like it. He wants you to cut all ties with me and dispose of me as well. Now don’t stare, it isn’t very ladylike. I know you think me stupid but that is your mistake in judgement. You see, I know very well what is going on. I wouldn’t be partner at my law firm if I was simple. Daddy knows that I know all your business secrets and he knows that you and I are involved and this makes him uncomfortable. Let me guess, he made you choose?”

Arianrhod looked uncomfortably at him and whispered hoarsely, “How did you know?”

“I hired a detective to keep me clean. One was following you.”

She hung her head and he grinned. It was great being on the offensive for a change!

Arianrhod smiled inwardly. She had known she was being watched and followed all along. Her father had people who advised of the circumstances immediately. How else could she keep one step ahead?! James thought he was so clever and she had counted on his reaction. Now she had him right where she wanted all along.


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